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The out-dated education system

The out-dated education system

Tahmid Samiul Mowla

THE general perception of the society has changed. We do not value education as it should be, rather we tend to evaluate the financial or “political affluence” of a person. In order for us to develop further and keep expanding the social and economic choices for the people, we need a reform in the education sector.
Even though schooling is quite easily accessible in the cities, attending school in the rural villages is quite difficult. We have only a handful of small under-developed schools in the villages, and the opportunity of getting an educated is further weakened by the poverty of the people in the rural areas. Not only that, rural people fail to acknowledge the fact that educating their children would not only improve their financial position in the long run but would also provide the opportunity for their children to break free from the curse of poverty.
To add to that, it is not only the infrastructure of the school and the financial conditions that play an effective role in the education sector of our country but the lack of qualified teachers providing service in the rural schools further increases the gravity of the situation. Whether this is because qualified teachers prefer exploring their options in the city or whether they believe that they are not properly valued in the rural areas is a matter that needs to be looked into further.
Most of us have heard the phrase “Education is the backbone of a nation.” It is unfortunate that we live in a society where most people don't pay any heed to this, which is why not much of our efforts go into “sincerely” educating the mass. Rather, the education ministry seems to believe that anyone who can write his name is “educated.” To make matters worse, in order to achieve greater passing rates in the board examination of 2014, illicit leaking of questions has become a menace. This is detrimental to the both the students who opted to sneak a peek at the questions, and also the nation as a whole. Furthermore, this also morally weakens the youth who will one day be leading this country. They fail to acknowledge that education is not just a document with grades, rather it is the capability to overcome the various problems we face daily. The purpose of education should not be perfect scores but the effort to make this world a better place to live in.  

The writer is a Student of Grade XII at The Aga Khan School, Dhaka.


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