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Thank you

Thank you

It was 23 years ago that this newspaper came before you all with the promise of "Journalism without fear or favour". In this not too long, and yet long, journey many of you were our readers from day one.  Others came aboard as we withstood one test of ethical journalism after another and  kept our promise and earned your confidence.
Over the years, as readers, advertisers and patrons,  you all learned to trust us, as our commitment to independent journalism became louder and sharper and contribution to Bangladesh's struggle for freedom, democracy and economic development became clearer and stronger.
You all rejoiced as we served you better and showed understanding and forbearance as we failed on occasions to live up to your expectation. But throughout it all there was never a moment of wavering as you extended to us your firm hand of friendship and solidarity.
Today, we formally express to you all, as we do on every occasion of our anniversary,  our sincerest thanks for the support, trust and understanding you have so generously extended to us.  As we celebrate our 23rd anniversary, we declare with humility and an abiding sense of gratitude but in the loudest of voice that without your support and patronisation we would not have been able to come where we have.
Just as we most sincerely express our gratitude so also we pledge with every ounce of  professionalism at our command that we will never relinquish our responsibility of serving you better through higher standards of ethical journalism, greater spirit of unearthing the truth, deeper sense of serving our people and greater energy in upholding the spirit of our Liberation War, on the values of which the future of Bangladesh largely depends.
From today, we present you with a five-part anniversary supplement series containing write-ups from leading thinkers in the country on current political, economic and social challenges and suggestions as to how to move forward. Hope you enjoy our humble effort.
Once again, thank you.

Mahfuz Anam

On behalf of The Daily Star Board of Directors and all the staff members.


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