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Tension at the border

Tension at the border

Let diplomacy work

The unfortunate and clearly unwarranted incidents which have been taking place on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border call for a cool, level-headed approach toward a solution. It is in neither country's interest to have the situation rise to a point where the Border Guard Bangladesh and Myanmar's Border Guard Police must face each other in a hostile posture. The background to the current crisis, no matter how sensitive, does not warrant such an escalation of tension.
The plain fact is that a BGB soldier had been missing since Wednesday.  The Myanmar border force, having made it known that a body was in its possession since the BGP fired at a BGB patrol on Wednesday, did not seem to be ready to have the Bangladesh side check if the body was indeed that of the missing BGB man. One needs to know why the BGP opened fire when apparently there was no provocation. And there are other border management mechanisms than resorting  to an extreme measure.
Nothing must be done to have the situation worsen. Dhaka has already conveyed its concerns to Yangon, which now needs to take the measures necessary for a cooling of tempers. Additionally, a flag meeting between the BGB and BGP becomes important, the objective being to discuss the various ways and means to employ all possible confidence building measures to ensure that the situation is not only deescalated but also that such incidents are not repeated.
Let cool heads prevail. And let diplomacy work out a solution.


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