• Saturday, February 28, 2015

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Violation Of Traffic Laws


Blatant violation of traffic rules

AMID chaotic traffic in the city, one may not make much about an aberration. But when that deviant behaviour comes from people who are supposed to abide by traffic laws it's altogether a different matter. For compliance with traffic rules is the foundation of urban existence. Traffic rules are a basic prerequisite for the city's smooth and purposeful functioning. Diligent abidance by these rules is a fundamental precondition for an orderly civic life.   Sadly, as per the lead photograph...

Wrong lane spiky

Wrong lane spiky

Retractable spikes have been installed on Hare road in the capital to prevent cars from going in the wrong way. Dhaka Metropolitan Police installed the spikes near the state house Shuganda. The spikes were formally launched through a ceremony at 11:00am today. The retractable spikes were installed to prevent traffic going the wrong way. The spikes...

I want to exchange my car for a motorcycle

THE traffic in Dhaka has become awful nowadays. I am tired of going out in my car. It takes hours to go from one place to another in the megacity! I can never keep an appointment. The distance hardly matters. It is the heavy traffic that keeps us waiting on the road. As ordinary and law abiding citizens, we are obliged to follow the traffic rules and are punished for any violations. The VIPs are, of course, exceptions. The...


The cancer of disobedience

The cancer of disobedience

CYNICAL observers of Bangladeshi socio-political scene cannot perhaps be blamed for sarcastically pronouncing that disobedience of law has almost become a way of life. While one may take issue with such an extreme judgment one cannot take comfort from the fact that the ranks of law-breakers are swelling. It is indeed sad to...

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