• Nando's celebrates Valentine's Day

    February is Valentine's month. In accordance with Valentine's Day, Nando's – the popular South African restaurant chain – is setting a romantic stage for all the couples celebrating February 14.

  • Conduct campaigns for clean Dhaka: Khokon

    Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sayeed Khokon urges different government institutions to carry out awareness campaigns to promote cleanliness in the city.

  • Sophie Hunter and Cumberbatch

    Cumberbatch confirms Valentine's Day marriage

    Benedict Cumberbatch has confirmed his marriage to Sophie Hunter. The actor's spokeswoman told BBC the couple got married on Valentine's Day, and added that “it was a magical day”.

  • Valentine's Day: Banish hostility

    Every year 'Saint Valentine's Day' is observed on February 14 through exchanging messages of affection. A lot of stories are in circulation centering the Valentine's Day origin.

  • Valentine's Day

    Musings with Tahsan-Mithila

    It was music that connected two souls in one string; they fell in love, got married and now have a beautiful baby together. The story of multifaceted artistes Tahsan and Mithila is no less than a modern day fairytale. The couple opened up about their life, on and beyond work, to The Daily Star – ahead of Valentine's Day.

  • Tasmia Kamal


    Valentine's Day has as much to do with love as the Easter Bunny has with resurrection.

  • Valentine's Day

    A new line for Falgun and Valentine's Day

    Creativity and an unerring eye for fashion trends are the two essential qualities of a superb designer, says Maheen Khan, prominent fashion designer and founder of renowned boutique, Mayasir.

  • tisha

    Tisha busy ahead of Valentine's Day

    Celebrities are now passing hectic hours shooting TV plays ahead of the Valentine's Day.

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