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Freedom in the air

Traffic Laws

The common traffic offenses in Dhaka

VIOLATING traffic rules has become a common practice for many in Dhaka due to lax of traffic law enforcement. This is not making the roads unsafe and also worsening the traffic congestion. An online survey was conducted where people were asked about what they felt were the most common traffic rules that were violated and the common traffic offenses that were committed for which the roads in the city are becoming unsafe. Traveling in the wrong-way or opposite direction was...


Underage drivers

ONE of the key reasons behind mounting road accidents in Bangladesh is that vehicles are often driven by inexperienced underage drivers. Devoid of any formal driving lessons, knowledge in traffic rules and aided by a corrupt licensing system, a huge number of juveniles take to the wheels -- only to make our roads more dangerous. The reason behind the increasing number of teenage males picking driving before they are matured is because the driving profession in Bangladesh was never...

Is Anybody Watching?
Mirpur Road Tailbacks

Chaos stems from 2 points in 50 yards

Chaos stems from 2 points in 50 yards

Two turning points within a stretch of less than 50 yards in Science Laboratory-City College area on Mirpur Road have become a sheer nightmare for commuters with appalling tailbacks throughout the day. Four of the city's busiest markets -- New Market, Gawsia, Chandni Chawk and Dhanmondi Hawkers Market -- bustling with Eid shoppers in...

Is Anybody Watching?

Rotting in a traffic hell

Rotting in a traffic hell

Unable to inch through the horrendous traffic on Nayabazar Road between Tantibazar to Second Buriganga Bridge even after three and a half hours, Anis Alamgir had to abandon his plan to cross the bridge to go to Keraniganj yesterday afternoon. "If the roads were free, I could have crossed this distance in 15 minutes,"...

Wrong lane spiky

Wrong lane spiky

Retractable spikes have been installed on Hare road in the capital to prevent cars from going in the wrong way. Dhaka Metropolitan Police installed the spikes near the state house Shuganda. The spikes were formally launched through a ceremony at 11:00am today. The retractable spikes were installed to prevent traffic going the wrong way. The spikes...

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