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Freedom in the air

Suicide Bombing

Triple suicide bombing in Iraq kills 22 Kurds

Triple suicide bombing in Iraq kills 22 Kurds

A triple suicide bombing killed 26 Kurdish security forces northeast of Baghdad on Sunday and a roadside bomb killed the police chief of the western Anbar province, dealing major blows to Iraqi security forces struggling to combat the Islamic State extremist group. The triple attack took place in Qara Tappah, in the ethnically and...

Suicide bombing in Yemen kills 42

A suicide bomber killed at least 42 people yesterday when he detonated an explosives-laden belt in a district of the Yemeni capital where the powerful Shia Muslim Houthi movement had planned to hold a rally, medics and witnesses said. A Reuters witness in Sanaa counted at least 20 bodies immediately after the attack on a checkpoint held by the Houthis, the country's main power brokers since their paramilitary forces seized the capital on September 21 following weeks of anti-government demonstrations. Medical...

Iraq suicide bomb at rally kills 30

Iraq suicide bomb at rally kills 30

A suicide bombing at a rally in north-eastern Iraq has killed 30 people, security officials say. The attack took place at a political gathering in the town of Khanaqin, which has a large Kurdish population. It was the deadliest bombing among a wave of attacks to hit Iraq on Monday. Iraqis are voting in the country's...

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