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Stock Market

Can we gamble in the stock market?

THE great economist and Noble prize winner in economics, Paul Samuelson once said “Investment should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.” This statement contains the message that investment is not like playing gambles. One should invest with long term vision not with the purpose of gambling to be rich overnight since no market offers such opportunity for anybody in the world except the house...

Shahjibazar shares defy regulator's efforts to control prices

Shahjibazar shares defy regulator's efforts to control prices

The stock market regulator's effort to hold back the unusual price hike of the newly-listed Shahjibazar Power Company looks to be in vain, with the power company's share price rising 26 percent in the past four days. Between its debut on July 15 and July 24, Shahjibazar's share price soared 61 percent to Tk...

FAR Chemicals set for controversial stock debut

FAR Chemicals Industries is set to make a controversial debut on the stock market today, after the company masked market-sensitive information about its directors in the IPO prospectus -- a violation of security rules. Neither Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission, nor the Dhaka Stock Exchange made any attempt to block the debut. Earlier in 2012, the stock market regulator filed criminal cases against two of its directors for their involvement in forgery of rights issue of FAR Chemicals' associated firm RN...

Many stock investors are ‘touts’: Muhith

Many stock investors are ‘touts’: Muhith

Finance Minister AMA Muhith today termed many of the country’s share market investors “touts”. “Lots of people who are investing in the markets are not investors. They are fatkabaz (touts), that’s all,” he said. He also held them responsible for “volatile” situation in the share markets. Muhith came up with the comment while speaking at a...

How will a new tax regime affect the stock market?

THE finance minister will present a new budget in a few weeks. A major public policy concern is to define a tax policy regime which will promote private sector investment and revitalise a moribund (de facto) stock market. We propose that tax rates decrease across the board. Firstly, a reduction in corporate tax rates will help corporate businesses generate more operating cash flows and so conserve more cash for their businesses, which essentially implies that the after-tax cash flows to...

United Airways in trouble

Private carrier United Airways (BD) Ltd may face operational suspension due to outstanding aeronautical and non-aeronautical charges of around Tk 77 crore to the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (Caab). The airlines regulator has already imposed a ban on sale or purchase of aircraft by United Airways until it clears all current and outstanding charges in the next one year. “If the airline fails to pay the charges within the scheduled timeframe, we might stop their operation anytime,” Caab Chairman Air...

DSE trading resumes after 2hrs

DSE trading resumes after 2hrs

Trading at the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) resumed after two and a half hours of suspension due to technical glitches today. The authorities halted the trading at the country's premier bourse 10 minutes after it went into operation at 10:30am. The trading resumed at 1:15pm, according to a notice published on its website. The authorities have...

Lafarge, Holcim in $50b merger talks

Lafarge, Holcim in $50b merger talks

The world's two largest cement makers, France's Lafarge and Switzerland's Holcim, are in advanced talks to merge into a company with a stock market value of over $50 billion in what would be the industry's biggest ever tie-up. The discussions, which are likely to draw close scrutiny from European competition watchdogs, are "based on principles consistent with a merger of equals", the two companies said in identical statements on Friday. They said no agreement had yet been reached and that there was no guarantee of a deal, but there was a "strong complementarity" and "cultural proximity" between the groups. A merger would help Lafarge and Holcim slash costs, trim debt and better...

How election years affect Indian stocks

The ongoing stock market rally has been primarily supported by foreign investors. The rupee also rose to a near three-month high against the dollar on Friday. It is rather unusual for the Indian market to jump in pre-election months, particularly after 1996 when coalitions became the new political strategy to make up for shortfalls in parliamentary majority. In most election years, the market had actually fallen just before the elections – in 2004, by more than 10 percent. There are reasons...

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