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Freedom in the air


HC orders govt to buy new formalin kit

HC orders govt to buy new formalin kit

The High Court today ordered the government to form an expert committee by a week in order to select a new and proper detector kit to determine formalin levels in food items. The order came following reports published in frontline media that the formalin detector Formaldehyde Meter Z-300 was found faulty by the country’s...

Testimony of torture

Jibon Das had to renounce his faith to escape the atrocities of Khokon Razakar and his gang. But it was not enough for him. He later left home with his family and took refuge in India. “I had to think about the safety of my young nieces,” Jibon told this newspaper over the phone in choking voice. He testified against Khokon in the International Crimes Tribunal-1. According to charge-11, Khokon inflicted inhuman torture on Kanai Lal Mondol, shot and injured him in...


Workforce at grave risk

THAT a large workforce in the country faces life-threatening occupational hazards is seldom realised by us, caught up in the medley of so-called priority concerns as we are. It requires an in-depth, stock-taking survey to make us sit up and take note. But when it comes to acting on the knowledge to create a safer working environment we are found wanting. Having said that, we turn to the results of a survey recently conducted by Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and...

Caab findings on united airways

Safety flaws pose risk

Safety flaws pose risk

The private airline United Airways Bangladesh Ltd has been operating flights despite some safety flaws, posing risks to passengers, say officials of the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh. Through an inspection in June this year, Caab detected eight safety flaws that include shortage of experts for maintaining some of the airline's aircraft. Caab also found...

Govt lab workers ‘exposed’ to anthrax: US

Govt lab workers ‘exposed’ to anthrax: US

As many as 75 scientists and staff in US government laboratories in Atlanta may have been exposed to live anthrax bacteria after researchers failed to follow safety procedures, prompting an investigation by federal authorities. Researchers working in a high-security bioterror response lab at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were preparing inactivated...



The five basic human needs are a list of essential factors that together build the foundation of a society. The list consists of exactly what the name suggests: extremely “basic” items that are the right of every human being, which need to be present before any real development can take place. Among them,...


Are safety, safeguards and security synonymous?

SAFETY, safeguards and security are normally synonymous, but in the nuclear industry the three terms are used in completely different contexts. Because of the inherent similarity, many people, including policy makers, civil servants and journalists, often get confused and use the terms, nuclear safety, nuclear safeguards and nuclear security, inappropriately. Nuclear safety prevents or limits the release of harmful nuclear radiations from any nuclear facility into the atmosphere in normal or accidental conditions in order to protect the workers, the...

Safety vs. cents and dollars

THE debate over 'Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh' is an understandable one. Inspection standards specified by Accord, which is a platform of some 150 European clothing retailers and brands, are being termed as too stringent by the garments manufacturers' representative body BGMEA. One of the sticking points is the hiring of foreign experts and engineers for inspection. This of course has got not only BGMEA but also legal experts up in arms with regards to how...

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