• Friday, February 27, 2015

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Minority Communities

Upazila Polls Violence

UK minister calls for restraint

Expressing concern over reported interference and irregularities in the recently held upazila polls, the UK yesterday called on all political parties to refrain from violence, intimidation and confrontation. “I was particularly disturbed by reports that the minority communities were targeted, both pre- and post-election, and continued to suffer from harassment. There were also reports of alleged extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances,” UK Minister for International Development Alan Duncan told a press conference in the capital. He termed the January 5 national...


Faces of extremism in South Asia

BARELY a fortnight ago, a fringe group of Hindu fanatics forced the clamping of a ban on Wendy Doniger's extremely insightful work, The Hindus, in India. Not long ago, the now deceased leader of the Shiv Sena, Bal Thackeray, openly suggested that Muslims in India be thrown into the sea. In the early 1990s, Muslim fanatics in Bangladesh forced the outspoken writer Taslima Nasrin out of the country for what they called her blasphemous views on Islam. Since she was...

Change your words, change Bangladesh

AS we were recovering from the trauma of pre- election violence of last three months, seeing people getting killed and burned by crude bombs leaving behind more than a 100 dead, the nation witnessed sectarian attacks against the minority communities. Their houses, shops and even temples were not spared. Different newspaper reports confirmed that it was the propaganda and rumors spread by some vested quarter that was either interested in political power or would like to destabilise the nation. Globally...

Attacks on Hindus

Recurrence for state-sponsored Islamisation

Rights activist Sultana Kamal yesterday alleged that the recent attacks on minority communities, especially Hindus, were continuing due to “state-sponsored Islamisation”. “Since the annulment of the clause of secularism from the constitution and inclusion of Islam as state religion by former military rulers, the Liberation War's spirit has weakened and the attacks started,” she observed. The executive director of Ain o Salish Kendra also alleged that spoiling of communal harmony began due to patronisation of communalism in mainstream politics. She was chairing...

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