• AMA-Muhith

    ‘Nothing to do on Qawmi madrasas’

    There is very little that can be done against Qawmi madrasas since they are not financially controlled by the government, says Finance Minister AMA Muhith.

  • A screenshot of a blog of a militant blog description how to make bomb. We blurred the name of the blog and the process of bomb making.

    Militants giving bomb recipes on blog!

    Militants take their activities to a whole new level in Bangladesh, distributing bomb making manuals online and spreading their propaganda to millions worldwide.

  • Militants manage to circumvent the system

    THE arrest of Ariful Islam, caught after he, along with his accomplices, hacked to death Oyasiqur Rahman Babu, has by default, brought to light some significant inefficiencies in law enforcement.

  • Militants spreading wings

    Amid a slack monitoring in recent months, the Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh and a few other militant outfits have become active

  • Banks warned against funding militancy

    State Minister for Finance M Abdul Mannan told the parliament that the government would take stern actions against banks concerned if the allegation of funding militancy is proved

  • PM vows tough punishment for arsonists

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says tough punishment would be given to those BNP-Jamaat men resorting to militant acts in Bangladesh.

  • When will it all end?

    ANY direction you cast your gaze you encounter violence in myriad forms; situated in racial, religious, ethnic, or class conflict zones.

  • John Kerry

    Our plan for countering violent extremism

    SHOW the world the power of peaceful communities, and tackle bad governance that breeds frustration.

  • Militancy is creeping in ominously

    With the BNP-Jamaat allies continuing to enforce blockade and hartal for the 44th day on February 18, the country has descended into deep chaos, uncertainty and unimaginable distress. We have got to be worried and perturbed after witnessing the scale of tragedies, lives lost by burning, destruction and losses inflicted on the economy in a free Bangladesh that we liberated at the cost 3 million lives. Since January 6, the country, from Teknaf to Tetulia, has turned into a theatre of unabated violence and destruction.

  • US at war with those perverting Islam: Obama

    President Barack Obama says US 'not at war with Islam - we are at war with people who have perverted Islam

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