• Babul Akter

    SP Babul Akter freed after 'interrogation'

    SP Babul Akter has been freed hours after he was picked up by police for quizzing in connection with brutal murder of his wife in Chittagong on June 5.

  • Crossfire is not the answer to militancy

    We cannot but express our total dismay at the rising number of deaths of suspects in police custody.

  • Crossfire to hide govt link with secret killings: Khaleda

    BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia alleges the law enforcers are getting people killed in the name of crossfire in an attempt to hide the fact that government is linked with secret killings.

  • Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal

    Arrest not politically motivated: Home minister

    Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal says that no one has been detained in the ongoing crackdown against militancy with any political motive.

  • Opinion: Anti-militancy drive and the mockery

    Banned outfit Hizb-ut Tahrir pasting posters through Dhaka poses questions to the quality of the anti-militancy drive. Are the cops serious about this drive? If so, how can a bunch of militants openly paste posters in the city without getting caught?

  • 26 ‘militants’ among 3,115 held on day 4 drive

    Over 3,100 people have been detained that includes 26 alleged militants during day four of the nationwide crackdown on militants. This brings up the total tally of people held during the anti-militancy crackdown to 11,648 with only 145 among the alleged militants in the last four days.

  • Hasanul Haq Inu

    Inu ‘threatened with death’

    Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu is anonymously threatened with death through a package containing a shroud, says a ministry official.

  • Nityaranjan Pandey

    ‘Shibir leader’ held in Pabna Hindu ashram volunteer killing

    Police pick up an alleged Shibir leader in suspicion of his involvement with the killing of a volunteer of a Hindu ashram in Pabna.

  • Special drive against militants from tomorrow

    Police will launch seven-day clampdown on militants and criminals across the country in the wake of recent murders, which law enforcers think are works of militants. The decision came at a meeting at Police Headquarters in Dhaka.

  • BNP wants to help govt fight militancy

    BNP today said the prime minister’s allegation implicating BNP-Jamaat to the “secret killings” is misleading and added that the party wants to help government combat militancy.

  • Microbus seized in probe into murder of SP Babul's wife

    Detectives in Chittagong seize a black microbus and detain its driver on suspicion of their link with the killing of SP Babul Akter's wife.

  • Govt itself trying to destabilise country: BNP

    BNP alleges that the government itself is trying to destabilise the country by using the repeated incidents of secret killings only to stay in power.

  • Jhenidah Hindu priest killed, ‘IS claims murder’

    A veteran Hindu priest was hacked to death in Jhenidah Sadar in a manner similar to previous suspected militant killings. Islamic State reportedly claimed responsibility of the murder.

  • Militants killed wife to demoralise SP Babul: Minister

    Militants murdered the wife of Babul Akter, a superintendent of police, to demoralise him, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan says.

  • Wife of police super shot dead in Ctg

    Motorbike riding assailants reportedly stab and shoot dead wife of a police officer in Chittagong city, police say. Law enforcers are probing link of militants with the murder.

  • Mullah Akhtar Mansour

    Afghan Taliban appoint new leader after Mansour's death

    Afghan Taliban have named a deputy to former leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour as their new leader, a spokesman says in a statement, the group's first official confirmation that Mansour was killed in a US drone strike.

  • Islamic State

    Islamic State may be down, but it's far from out

    Islamic State (IS) is losing territory, its finances are being drained and the number of foreign fighters recruited has reportedly down to a trickle, dropped by as much as 90 percent from a high of 2,000 a month in the past year.

  • DMP logo

    DMP announces bounty for 6 Ansarullah men

    DMP announces Tk 5 lakh bounty on each of two Ansarullah organisers while Tk 2 lakh for each of four members of the banned militant outfit for their alleged link with recent militant attacks in the country.

  • US, Bangladesh to work together to combat militancy: Home minister

    Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan says the US has agreed to work with Bangladesh to combat terrorism and militancy in the country.

  • AL-led alliance’s anti-militant rallies May 15, 24

    The ruling Awami League-led 14-party alliance will hold mass rally this month across the country in protest against the prevailing killings and militant activities.

  • Pir hacked to death in Rajshahi

    A Pir (spiritual leader) has been hacked to death in Rajshahi’s Tanor upazila in a fashion that bears the hallmark of previous murders of bloggers and secular activists. This killing is the latest in the spate of grisly murders that has been haunting the north since last year.

  • Sheikh Hasina

    No room for militancy, reiterates PM

    Reiterating her firm vow not to give any room to terrorism and militancy on the soil of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina says no one would be allowed to play with the fate of the country in the name of militancy as long as she is alive.

  • Rahman Mizanur

    How Islamic State in Bangladesh began

    Radicalised worker Rahman Mizanur recruited countrymen in Singapore with help of material linked to terror groups.

  • Govt moves to form media monitoring centre

    The government has taken initiative to form a “media monitoring centre” to monitor news items published in different media, the information minister tells the parliament.

  • 5 ‘militants’ deported from Singapore remanded

    A Dhaka court has placed five alleged militants, who were deported from Singapore, on seven-day remand each in connection with a case filed under the anti-terrorism act.

  • Rahman Mizanur

    Terror cell 'unfazed' by earlier arrests

    Around the time that Singapore announced in January the arrest and deportation of 27 radicalised Bangladeshis under the Internal Security Act (ISA), S-Pass holder Rahman Mizanur, 31, came up with plans for an extremist group and began recruiting his countrymen.

  • “IS-linked hackers post target list of New Yorkers”

    A group of hackers linked to Islamic State has posted online a list of thousands of New York residents and urged followers of the militant group to target them, according to a source with knowledge of the matter.

  • Claim of IS baseless: minister

    Reiterating that there is no presence of Islamic State in the country, Bangladesh home minister terms IS claim of today’s murder of a Hindu tailor in Tangail as baseless.

  • Tailor killed in Tangail, ‘IS claims responsibility’

    Bike-riding assailants stab dead a middle-aged Hindu tailor in Tangail. Hours later, US-based SITE Intelligence Group tweet that international militant outfit Islamic State have claimed credit for the murder saying that he blasphemed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

  • BNP says ready to cooperate with govt

    BNP says it is ready to cooperate the government with its experience in combating militancy in the country.