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Maritime Boundary

Bangladesh falls behind Myanmar in offshore gas exploration

Bangladesh falls behind Myanmar in offshore gas exploration

THE settlement of maritime boundary dispute between Myanmar and Bangladesh by the international court in 2012 was a landmark event for both the countries that were engaged in disputes on oil gas exploration issues near their mutual maritime boundaries. Since the settlement, Myanmar has moved forward with active programmes by engaging competent oil...


Tapping maritime resources

BANGLADESH appears to be moving at a snail's pace in exploring the bonanza laid open by the two consecutive maritime verdicts. Projects undertaken to estimate fishery and  other resources in the deep sea, expansion of international trade route and its preparations for exploring oil and gas have been noticebly slow and to some extent disorganised.   So far as oil and gas are concerned, Myanmar has already begun exploring its own blocks by conducting a number of seismic surveys and...

Maritime environmental laws needed to combat marine pollution

ARTICLE 193 of UNCLOS confers upon member States the sovereign right to exploit their natural resources pursuant to their environmental policies and in accordance with their duty to protect and preserve the marine environment, which requires States to take all the measures consistent with UNCLOS to prevent, reduce and control pollution of the marine environment from any sources mentioned in this convention. Have we complied with this duty to protect marine environment and obligation to take measures to prevent...

Western Marine begins work on Kenyan patrol vessel

Western Marine begins work on Kenyan patrol vessel

Western Marine Shipyard yesterday started building an offshore patrol vessel worth $20 million for the Department of Fisheries of Kenya. Shipping Minister Shajahan Khan inaugurated the construction work with a keel laying ceremony held at the shipyard on the bank of river Karnaphuli in Patiya. The specialised vessel will patrol the maritime boundary of Kenya,...

Western Marine to build $20m vessel for Kenya

Western Marine will build a specialised third generation offshore patrol vessel worth $20 million for the Kenyan government. The ship will ensure security at the maritime boundary of the African country. The leading Bangladeshi shipbuilder will start building the vessel today, as Shipping Minister Shahjahan Khan is scheduled to inaugurate the work with a keel laying ceremony at the shipyard on the bank of river Karnaphuli in Patiya. Western Marine received the order through Danish firm JGH Marine A/S on January 23...

Maritime Boundary

Disputes resolved only for AL

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that if the Awami League was not voted to power in the 2008 and 2014 general elections, Bangladesh could not win the international courts' verdicts over maritime boundary disputes with Myanmar and India. "Questions could be raised whether the previous governments except the one led by the Awami League and myself would ever dare file cases over maritime boundary disputes with India and Myanmar. The BNP didn't have the courage even for demanding the...

Marine resources in our maritime boundary

THE sea is a mystery to most people of Bangladesh. The waves, fish and ships are the ornaments of the sea. People love being at the sea beach and enjoy bathing in the sea and hearing the sound of the mighty waves. Bangladesh has won legal battles over the Bay of Bengal but how far do we comprehend the victory? How much do the common people know about it to cheer the achievements?   On July 7, the International Arbitration...

Maritime boundary settlement: For whom?

Maritime boundary settlement: For whom?

After the verdict delivered by the UN's Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) based in The Hague, Netherlands, a 40-year-old dispute on India and Bangladesh's maritime boundaries in the Bay of Bengal came to an end. The court settled the issue by demarcating the sea area according to international maritime law, submission and arguments...

Commentary by Mahfuz Anam

A job well done

When a government indulges in habitual cacophony of self praise on anything and everything it does, it runs the risk of failing to be lauded when something praise worthy happens.  A case in point is the latest judgment by the Netherlands-based Permanent Court of  Arbitration (PCA)  on demarcating our maritime boundary vis a vis our by far the more significant neighbour of the two that we have.  Once again the significance of this very important judgment is being lost...

Settled maritime boundaries and gas exploration

BANGLADESH had disputed maritime boundaries with Myanmar in the east and India in the west ever since its independence. Two landmark verdicts given by two international courts have put an end to these long-drawn disputes between the three neighbouring nations. On March 14, 2012, the Germany-based International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) settled the dispute between Bangladesh and Myanmar by refixing the maritime boundary between these two nations. On July 7, 2014, another international court, the...

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