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Human Rights

Death toll from Syrian civil war tops 191,000

Death toll from Syrian civil war tops 191,000

The death toll from three years of Syria's civil war has risen to more than 191,000 people, the United Nations reported Friday. The figure, covering the period from March 2011 to April 2014, is the first issued by the UN's human rights office since July 2013, when it documented more than 100,000 killed. The high...

US cannot lecture on human rights

The United States must sort out its own human rights abuses before lecturing others, Amnesty International has said, referring to the crackdown on the Ferguson demonstrations - sentiments astonishingly shared by Iran, Egypt and China. The campaigners have criticised the over-militarised response to protests that erupted after unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by police on 9 August. Fierce clashes between residents and officers resulted in the deployment of the National Guard yesterday, while this past week has...


Establishment of indigenous people's rights

When we are concerned with the rights of the indigenous people, the government has created an unnecessary controversy by asking the media, experts, academics and members of civil society to avoid using the term 'Adivasis' in relation to them at any discussion on the occasion of World Indigenous Day. Indigenous people in Bangladesh are citizens of country who have been, regrettably, kept marginalised so far. They have been under pressure in these past many years through systematic assaults being made...

Silence Over Gaza

Hasina slams developed countries

Hasina slams developed countries

Strongly condemning the killings in Gaza by Israelis, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday came down heavily again on the developed nations and the human rights organisations at home and abroad for their silence over the offensive. "I am stunned to see the world conscience remain silent. When one incident of death occurs here (Bangladesh),...

Govt slams Israel over Gaza killings

The government yesterday strongly condemned the killings of innocent Palestinian people by Israeli air-strikes over the last few days. Terming the killings a serious violation of human rights, the cabinet urged the international community to mount pressure on Israel to immediately stop the heinous attacks on innumerable Palestinians. The cabinet approved a condemnation motion protesting the attack, Cabinet Secretary M Musharraf Hossain Bhuiyan told reporters after the meeting. Bangladesh has unequivocal support for the rights of the Palestinian people and this support...

UN must block flow of arms to Syria: HRW

An international rights group yesterday called for the UN Security Council to block the flow of weapons to Syria's regime, which it said was launching indiscriminate attacks with "barrel bombs". The call from Human Rights Watch came a day after a group of prominent legal experts urged the United Nations to deliver aid to rebel areas in Syria, even over objections from the Syrian government. The New York-based rights group said it had documented 85 aerial attacks by the regime against...

Human Rights Campaign

Lawyering for right to food

Lawyering for right to food

Right to food is one of the fundamental human rights which is not only enshrined in the national constitution but also recognised in the international instruments dealing with human rights. Right to food has been asserted in the constitution of the people's republic of Bangladesh under the head of fundamental principles of state...

Dhaka seeks int’l support to solve Rohingya crisis

Dhaka seeks int’l support to solve Rohingya crisis

Bangladesh has sought cooperation of the international community for the implementation of its National Strategy to address the issue of undocumented Myanmar nationals here.   Foreign Secretary M Shahidul Haque, now in Geneva, conveyed the request while briefing the international community on the Bangladesh National Strategy to address the issue of undocumented Myanmar nationals. The Foreign...

Between The Lines

Parties ignore human rights

DICTATORSHIPS get a fillip when democracies falter. India committed this cardinal sin when it abstained from voting at the UN Human Rights Council. A resolution was sought to be passed to seek an international, transparent inquiry to find out whether Sri Lanka had killed in cold blood 40,000 soldiers and others in the wake of hostilities against the Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam (LTTE). They had surrendered unconditionally. India's abstention reminds me of the words of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru:...

Right to life and liberty in Bangladesh

THE human rights situation in Bangladesh came under Universal Period Review (UPR) for the second time on April 29, 2013. The working group concerned adopted the report on Bangladesh on May 2, 2013. In her submission, the head of the Bangladesh delegation, the then foreign minister, claimed that the government was “focused on building a robust normative and institutional framework… to ensure that all citizens enjoyed all human rights as guaranteed in the Constitution.” Among other things the minister highlighted...

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