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Garment Worker Safety


Safety key to RMG success

SPEAKERS at the Dhaka Apparel Summit on December 8 agreed that workers' safety in readymade garments (RMG) factories remains one of the key prerequisites for ensuring Bangladesh's dominance in the global apparel sector. Guarantee for physical safety in terms of proper fire preparedness, field inspection and training of workers to tackle an emergency will have to become part and parcel of the way the industry is run. And it is not merely about more unionisation at the workplace, but...

RMG industry: Post-Rana Plaza

IT is more than one year now since the horrific Rana Plaza disaster that claimed at least 1,135 lives and left hundreds more missing, wounded or incapacitated. The scale and gravity of the disaster generated a chorus of condemnations from all around the world and mobilised global opinion to revamp and improve building structures and working conditions within the industry. It was a wake-up call! International Labour Organisation (ILO), in this regard, acted quickly and negotiated, within the first ten...


Concern over worker safety

THE European Union (EU) is reportedly yet to be satisfied over the progress of steps, taken so far to ensure labour rights, safe and improved working conditions in our readymade garment (RMG) sector. There is a gap in the 'all-out approach' for transforming our factories in to fully compliant ones, and what we need to do is bridge the deficit. One of the major drawbacks is lack of unity to work for a common goal. Our RMG manufacturers should realise...

Improving garment worker safety

THE situation in Bangladesh is complex and challenging.  The 700 factories that make products for the Alliance member companies are only a small fraction of the roughly 5,000 factories in Bangladesh's ready-made garment industry.  Rapid industry growth and urbanization have led to factories sprouting up in apartments and other places that are ill-suited to large-scale garment production and make unauthorized sub-contracting even more dangerous than usual.  There are too few government inspectors, labor laws have been too weak for...

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