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Approaching month of Ramadan

PERHAPS nowhere else in the world does one notice a sudden rise in prices of essential food items in months of festivities other than in Bangladesh. Come the month of Ramadan particularly, and also Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha, certain items of food preferred by the consumers become dearer. Admittedly, there is an increase in the demand of these items, but that is not of such a great volume that can explain or justify the two to threefold price rise of all...


New Act on food safety underway

WE welcome news of the government move to replace the five decade old Pure Food Ordinance (1959) with Safe Food Act – 2013, which is being drafted. It should go a long way in combating pervasive food adulteration in the country. The new Act, once passed into law will provide for a national level advisory panel on food adulteration paving the way for formation of food courts that can and will try food adulterators. There are also plans to...

Inflation drops slightly in February

Inflation drops slightly in February

The overall inflation rate has dropped by 0.06 percentage point to 7.44 percent in February, thanks to the price fall of non-food items. The inflation rate was 7.50 percent in January last year. Inflation rate on food items increased by 0.03 percentage point to 8.84 percent in February. In the previous month it was 8.81...

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