• Chawkbazar’s iftar fiesta (video)

    The long tradition of selling “Shahi” iftar items in Old Dhaka has become quite renowned. “Shahi” or not – one thing is for sure that the food looks just exquisite.

  • Report on edible status of Brazil wheat: HC

    High Court asks the government to report in three days whether the wheat imported from Brazil is fit for consumption.

  • Writ challenges wheat imported from Brazil

    Writ filed with the High Court challenges legality of import and distribution of “substandard” wheat from Brazil worth Tk 400 crore.

  • What to do, and not to do during Ramadan

    Follow these guidelines and don’t let Ramadan lead to compromises with your health and fitness.

  • Miracle food to fight malnutrition (video)

    A promising cereal formula has been invented by Bangladesh experts to fight deadly acute malnutrition in children. The ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) is made of locally available ingredients.

  • Inflation falls slightly in May

    The overall inflation rate has dropped by 0.13 percentage point to 6.19 percent in May, thanks to the price fall of food items.

  • Shab-e-Barat and Old Dhaka foods

    The night of records or Shab-e-Barat is a major day for devout Muslims all over the world. But another part of this day, especially in Bangladesh, is the affection that is circulated among neighbours and relatives. Sweetmeat and bread (roti) is distributed door to door come alive with a celebration of the divine.

  • Restaurant week items

    Dhaka restaurant week kicks off

    Restaurants in Dhaka city become abuzz with happy customers going to different restaurant and enjoying the delicious food with amazing reduced prices as restaurant week kicks off.

  • Milk not so healthy really

    Studies show that drinking milk, which has been a staple food in every household for better growth and nourishment, might not be good for your health and may cause bone fractures in adults.

  • The Berry Healthy Salad

    Lifestyle columnist Reeme Islam, aka The Fearless Olive, takes you through the preparation of her Berry Healthy Salad.

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