• Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Freedom in the air


Are we missing something?

Are we missing something?

THE recent enforced disappearance and subsequent brutal killing of seven persons at Narayaganj has sparked huge protest all over the country. The civil society at Dhaka formed human chain in front of the Parliament House twice. In the first one police acted irrationally but the second one was peaceful. Though the recent killing...


Grievous accusations, predictable reactions

THE predominant political culture of our two leading parties is 'righteous arrogance.' Neither feels that it can do any wrong and its opponent, no right. Thus there never is any admission of own mistakes and never any acknowledgment of opponent's virtues. In fact, the view is that all virtues belong to themselves and opponents are capable of nothing but vile actions. One of the most tragic expressions of this political culture is how ruling parties habitually deal with opposition's claims...

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