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Can Obama wage war without consent of Congress?

Can Obama wage war without consent of Congress?

As a US senator from Illinois running for the White House in 2007, Barack Obama sponsored a resolution to prohibit President George W Bush's administration from taking military action against Iran unless it was explicitly authorized by Congress. His idea died in committee. Nearly seven years later, US fighter jets and unmanned drones armed...


Fantasy-peddling is not diplomacy

Fantasy-peddling is not diplomacy

SAINTS are the exception. Anyone else in the writing business, including those of us at the nether end of the business, can rarely resist the temptations of glory. The danger is obvious: vainglory, that purgatory space where imagination outstrips the boundaries of reality and ego functions on the basis of what we imagine we...

Editorial: The Statesman (India)

The saffronite hand again?

EH CARR'S famous query -- what is history? -- remains unanswered in the midst of the Government of India's renewed meddling with the historian's craft. Quite simply, Clio deserves better from the political class. The state interference with historiography, markedly manifest ever since the Babri Masjid came under the pickaxe on December 6, 1992, is palpable once more. The appointment of Y.S. Rao as Chairman of the Indian Council of Historical Research has been greeted with consternation in the academic...

India's Third Republic

THIS term 'Third Republic' in relation to India has been borrowed from a lecture by eminent Indian international relations scholar and geo-strategist Dr. C. Raja Mohan, organised by Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS), which he delivered recently in Dhaka. The idea suggests a paradigm shift in Indian politics from weaker central power to a stronger one, unlike the past two decades which were the 'Second Republic' as per Dr. Mohan's lexicon. The first one, of course,...

Education minister without graduation!

Education minister without graduation!

Indian’s Congress leader Ajay Maken has questioned the educational qualifications of Smriti Irani, who has taken over as Human Resource Development Minister. The party’s general secretary raised the debate while touching off a political storm with a series of tweets deriding the new Narendra Modi cabinet, reports NDTV. What a Cabinet of Modi?HRD Minister (Looking...


Change in the neighbourhood

THE thumping electoral victory of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), led by the intensely inspirational Narendra Modi, in the just concluded Indian national election raises hopes and fears. Hope is generated by the pronounced discourses of Gujarat Model economic development with which the prime minister designate is fondly credited. One would like to believe that contemporary India stands on the threshold of an economic take-off in which a great power status beckons. In such a scenario there is a natural...


Demystifying Modi mandate

STOOPING to conquer' -- The Times of India phrased Narendra Modi's reverential forehead-touching on the stairway to the Lok Sabha. This was one of the few firsts that Modi's ascent to power has been enacted. Another first is his upcoming oath taking ceremony at the forecourt of the Rashtrapati Bhavan with 3,000 invitees to mark the grand occasion. To optimists the invitation of Saarc heads of governments and states signals New Delhi's prioritising good relations with the immediate neighbourhood. This is...


Future of Congress

Future of Congress

THIS is not the first time that the Congress has been decimated, getting only 44 seats in the 543-member Lok Sabha. The party met more or less a similar fate in the 1977 election held after the emergency. Mrs Indira Gandhi, the architect of the emergency and her extra-constitutional son, Sanjay Gandhi, too...

Disaggregating the Modi phenomenon

BJP'S massive landslide victory, the biggest in the last three decades for any party, has generated a hope of stability and a strong government that will provide a fillip to the much-awaited economic growth, and lowering of inflation and price rise. BJP's stunning victory, the most spectacular since its birth, made as much news as the devastating Congress defeat, the worst since independence. In ten states Congress could not even win a single seat, and in others it managed...

Congress keeps trust in Gandhis

Having suffered the worst electoral defeat in the Lok Sabha polls, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and her son Rahul yesterday “offered to resign” from the party taking moral responsibility but it was rejected by the party's highest decision-making forum. A meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC), where Sonia and Rahul were understood to have made the offer, however, passed a resolution expressing full faith in their leadership. "We will fight under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi", party spokesperson Raj Babbar...

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