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  • Blind passion given sight

    Blind from infancy, 19-year-old Bangladeshi cricket fan Samiul Islam finally had the opportunity to see his favourite team in action on Sunday after his eyesight was restored following an operation funded by a reality TV show.

  • 'Blind Messi' sees Paralympic gold for Argentina

    Silvio Velo has been blind since birth, but you wouldn't know it watching him thread a football through an opponent's legs, pick it up on the other side and fire it home for a goal.

  • Challenges conquered

    In February every year, when his friends bought books from the national book fair and talked excitedly about reading those, he wished he could have done the same. Abul Kalam Azad had lost his vision from a severe attack of typhoid in childhood. But the thought that visually impaired people like him were deprived of all opportunities to enjoy books made him restless.