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Freedom in the air


'It’s important to keep creating art, without questioning'

'It’s important to keep creating art, without questioning'

“The Bodhisattwa Trio is like an unwanted love child to us – uncompromised and personal. We all do various kinds of work as musicians to pay our bills, but the reason the three of us got together and decided to do this project is to just be artistes. So that we had an...


Old songs, ageing artistes

Old songs, ageing artistes

Bashir Ahmed's death last week was once more a reminder of the many ways in which we neglect our leading artistes when they are alive. Once they are dead, though, people fall on one another to sing the praises of the one who has just departed. No one says a word about the way in which the dead artiste suffered, for want of economic sustenance or health or attention. And then there is the other side of the problem. Most artistes, as they age, lose touch with themselves. Pakistan's Ghulam Ali once sang some beautiful ghazals. Remember his hum tere sheher mein aaye hain musafir ki tarah? These days he...

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