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Transparency International Bangladesh

Stop violence, use of force

Transparency International Bangladesh yesterday expressed deep concern over the ongoing inhuman and cruel manifestation of violence and use of force in an unhealthy competition for power at the cost of people's basic rights and prospect of democracy and good governance. “By indulging in an unhealthy competition and show of force in the name of democracy, the two largest parties are crushing the basic rights of the people, particularly children, women and the youth. People are being deprived of the whole...

TIB welcomes Saarc pledge to ensure good governance

Transparency International Bangladesh yesterday welcomed Saarc leaders' pledge to ensure good governance for sustainable development by promoting accountability, transparency and the rule of law. The TIB in a statement called upon the Bangladesh government to take specific steps to genuinely promote accountable and transparent governance. It hoped the other Saarc governments will also follow up on this commitment. The pledge forms part of the Kathmandu Declaration issued at the end of the 18th Saarc Summit on November 26-27. The South Asian...


Corruption-ridden public health sector

PLAGUED with pervasive corruption, the government-run health sector is failing to deliver as it should resulting in the general loss of public trust in its service. As a result, the poor patients, especially, of the rural areas, are at the receiving end, while the better-off people are either turning to private hospitals or going abroad for treatment. This is indeed a sad commentary on the country's public health service which is otherwise credited for its achievements in reducing child...

Bribe for everything

Bribe for everything

Recruitment, transfer and promotion in public health sector involve bribes up to Tk 10 lakh in each case, says a new report released by the Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) yesterday. Ruling party men, officials at the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) and civil surgeon's office and trade union leaders are mostly engaged in...

Healthcare curbed by corruption: TIB

Healthcare curbed by corruption: TIB

The health sector of the country is being affected by corruption of the doctors, concerned officials and employees, according to a survey of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB). Doctors, health officials and employees bribes up to Tk 10 lakh to health officials on appointment, transfers and promotion purpopses, said Taslima Akhter, TIB’s programme manager (research...

Maiming Limon: TIB for exemplary punishment

Maiming Limon: TIB for exemplary punishment

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) today demanded exemplary punishment to those responsible for shooting and maiming Limon Hossain and filing false and conspiratory cases against him.   TIB called for bringing the responsible persons to book through forming a neutral and high-powered body to investigate the incident.     The organisation at the same time also expressed comfort...

It goes against charter, RTI

Some sections of the newly formulated National Broadcast Policy conflict with the constitution, democratic norms, human rights and the Right to Information Act, Transparency International Bangladesh said yesterday.   Alleging that the policy has some provisions intended to control the electronic media through curbing its freedom of expression, the anti-graft watchdog also demanded that the policy be amended to address the concerns of stakeholders and media people. It called for the formation of an independent and neutral broadcasting commission of international...

No govt can afford to curb media freedom

Terming the National Broadcast Policy 2014 “a unilateral exercise”, the Transparency International Bangladesh yesterday said unilateral imposition of policies and action to control the media can only be counterproductive. “….what could be a good example of government's engagement with stakeholders has turned into little more than eyewash and eventually a unilateral exercise,” TIB Executive Director Iftekharuzzaman told              UNB. The TIB official, who was at the forefront of civil society leaders invited to participate in the process behind formulating the policy, said...

Pvt University

UGC official suspended for bribery

The University Grants Commission yesterday suspended its Additional Director Ferdous Zaman on charge of taking bribe from a private university. The decision came following an allegation that Ferdous took Tk 5 lakh in bribe from Britannia University in Comilla, said the UGC in a press release. The university filed the allegation against Ferdous after the UGC requested all the universities to inform the commission about irregularities in those, the statement added. Ferdous took the money promising help in getting permission from the...


Traders forced to pay Tk 64.7 lakh bribe a day: TIB

Traders forced to pay Tk 64.7 lakh bribe a day: TIB

Exporters and importers have to pay Tk 47.5 lakh in bribe at the Chittagong customs house a day to complete customs-related formalities, according to a study of Transparency International Bangladesh. In addition, the importers have to bribe officials and employees Tk 17.2 lakh to clear their goods from the port even despite having valid...

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