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Rights discourse of <i>Hijras</i>

Law letter

Rights discourse of Hijras

Hijras, who are neither male nor female, is a community of Bangladesh. This is regretful to mention that unlike other majority groups, Hijras have no socio-legal recognition and hence they are not subjects of any social benefits and human rights discourse offering rights to any particular group though the Government of Bangladesh recently recognised them as a separate gender. However, none of historical, social or, biological arguments deny their vey humanity in essence.  If this premise has epistemological and factual truth that they are human, there should not...

Transgenders now ‘3rd gender’ in India

Transgenders now ‘3rd gender’ in India

In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court of India today created the "Third Gender" status for Hijras or transgenders, reports Times of India. Earlier, they were forced to write male or female against their gender. The SC asked the Centre to treat transgender as socially and economically backward. The apex court said that transgenders will be allowed admission in educational institutions and given employment on the basis that they belonged to the third gender category. The SC said absence of law recognizing hijras as third gender could not be continued as a ground to discriminate them in availing equal opportunities in education and employment. This is for the first time that the third gender...

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