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TIB Report


Auditors gone awry

WE have stopped being surprised by news of misdeeds and misdemeanors of government institutions and statutory bodies. Another specimen of the level to which a statutory body has sunk was exposed to us by the TIB on Thursday. Office of the Comptroller & Auditor General (OCAG), the highest public watchdog to watch over how public money is spent, by detecting irregularities and ensuring financial discipline of all public spending, is itself mired in all sorts of corruption and irregularities,...


Delinquent drug administration

TIB's report on the state of the country's drug administration presents a dismal picture of the way the Director General Drug Administration (DGDA) is being run. We are not prepared to believe that the pervading corruption in the organisation has occured overnight. May we ask why the DG has not taken measures to stop the malpractices knowing that some DGDA staff members have been engaged in all manners of malpractices? Part of blame devolves on the ministry of health too...

Rights Collum

TIB reports on private university: Rhetoric vs. reality

TIB reports on private university: Rhetoric vs. reality

RECENTLY Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) through a research study has poked and pried the corruption of private universities along with their present state. The study revealed the level of corruption and involvement of stakeholders in white collar criminality. Aftermath of reaction of those involved or not is as usual denial. Few weeks or...


TIB report and state of denial

NO individual is perfect nor is any organization. By that measure, Transparency International Bangladesh may have its shortcomings. And yet its strengths have consistently outweighed its weaknesses. At this point of time, when politics stagnates and administration remains notorious for sloth, TIB gives us reason to hope that positive change will someday characterize life in this country. By coming forth with a report on the state of the nation's private universities, TIB has once more pointed out to us...


LGRD bodies' 10 percent

THE TIB report portrays a very dark picture of the local government bodies. But it only reconfirms what is already public knowledge. The said report shows that bribery, which is employed to grease the palms of various officials, nepotism and political influence, determine the approval of local government projects. This picture is fairly representative of the state of affairs in almost all the government ministries and departments. What is perhaps news is the percentage of the project funds, 10...

The report that annoyed the minister

A typical characteristic of most of our politicians is that they are quick to react to any criticism that goes against their parties—even if it's good. At times too quick even without knowing if it was a criticism at all. Revelations of a study conducted by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) had shown that a total of 222 hours and 36 minutes were wasted during the 19 sessions of the parliament from 2009 to 2013, which is equivalent to some Tk....


TIB report

THE vituperative reaction from some of the members of the parliament on the recently published report of the TIB does not surprise us at all. In fact it has been the lot of the corruption watchdog during every regime to be excoriated by the ruling party for publishing reports that did not meet with their approval. The BNP did the same while it was in power and now it is the turn of the AL. This time the TIB report...


Indeed, making law is fun!

THANKS to the TIB again for giving us a performance report of the parliament, the focus being on the 9th Parliament, which, as appears from the report, had become sinecure for most MPs. Most of them were having a cushy job doing very little of what their primary job obligated them to do. At least that is the impression one gets from the TIB findings of a study that was presented to the media on Tuesday. The report covered the...

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