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Freedom in the air

Shaheed Minar


McCarthyism incarnated!

IS it the first signs of replication of McCarthyism in Bangladesh? One is compelled to express the serious misgivings of a real threat to one of the very fundamental principles on which rests the foundation of this nation, namely freedom of expression. And freedom of expression also implies the right to disagree. The fear stems from the controversies that stemmed from the intention of taking Dr. Pias Karim's dead body to the Shaheed Minar and the character assassination that...


Declaring people non grata

A very insidious precedent has been set by the situation evolving out of the denial by Chhatra Sangram Parishad to take Piash Karim's body to the Shaheed Minar. The reason was that the views of the late professor on certain national issues were not in accord with that of the students' body. The matter did not stop there. Nine eminent persons including several journalists and educationists have been declared persona non grata in the Shaheed Minar by the said...

Advertisers also wary of policy

Amid serious concerns from media professionals over the National Broadcast Policy-2014, advertising agencies fear the sector will be badly affected if the policy is implemented. The broadcast policy has at least 31 do's and don'ts for the advertisers, detailed in the fourth chapter, which ban any advertisement failing to obtain clearance certificates from concerned authorities. According to a clause in the policy, advertisers must have permission to use any copyrighted song in any advertisement. Nationally important monuments and establishments such as...

Tata's vehicle fair begins in Mymensingh

Tata's vehicle fair begins in Mymensingh

A four-day fair of Tata vehicles began at the Town Hall Shaheed Minar premises in Mymensingh town on Saturday. Nitol-Niloy Group organised the exhibition where the Indian conglomerate is offering year-ending sale with special discount. The fair will remain open from 10am to 10pm everyday. Abdul Matlub Ahmed, chairman of Nitol-Niloy Group, opened the fair and unveiled two new brands of Tata pickup vans in presence of Asif Hossain Don, mayor [in-charge] of Mymensingh Municipality. Total 17 models of Tata vehicles including buses, trucks, pick-ups and private cars, were displayed at the fair. The fair authority also announced cash discounts and a 29-inch LED TV for every booking of Tata products during the...

Language movement veteran Sayeed Uddin passes away

Language movement veteran Sayeed Uddin passes away

Language movement veteran Sayeed Uddin Ahmed passed away due to old age complexity at Rajshahi Medical College and Hospital (RMCH) early today. He was 84. He breathed his last around 3:00am six days after he had been admitted at Incentive Care Unit (ICU) at RMCH, Robi Uddin Ahmed Shahin, a son of the language hero, told The Daily Star. Ahmed was one of the founder members of first Shaheed Minar established on New Hostel premises in Rajshahi Government College in 1952, claimed Ruhul Amin Pramanik, president of Rajshahi Writers' Association, reports our Rajshahi correspondent. He left behind his three sons, one daughter and innumerable fans and well-wishers to mourn his death. He will...

Another shaheed minar vandalised in Kushtia

Another shaheed minar vandalised in Kushtia

Miscreants vandalised a shaheed minar in Kumarkhali upazila of Kushtia early today on the eve of the International Mother Language Day. The incident took place on the premises of Mahendrapur High School, a day after a 46-year-old shaheed minar was vandalised at Jodubaira High School in the same upazila, reports our Kushtia correspondent. Abdur Rahim...

46-yr old Shaheed Minar vandalised in Kushtia

46-yr old Shaheed Minar vandalised in Kushtia

Miscreants vandalised a 46-year old Shaheed Minar in Kumarkhali upazila of Kushtia early today, just a day before the country is set to celebrate the International Mother Language day on the occasion of Ekushey February. The miscreants vandalised the Shaheed Minar constructed on Jaduboyra High School premises in the upazila anytime after 12:00am today,...

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