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  • Rohingya camp

    UNHCR chief Filippo visits Rohingyas

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, visits two Rohingya camps in Cox's Bazar and talked to Myanmar’s minority people, who fled to Bangladesh due to persecution.

  • What humanity has chosen to forget

    Years later, we are now witnessing the greatest movement of the uprooted that the world has ever known. Even more than during the Second World War, as some 65.3 million people were displaced from their homes, 21.3 million of them refugees, according to 2015 UN figures.

  • 6 Myanmar citizens among 8 held with Yaba tablets

    Rapid Action Battalion in a drive detains eight people, including six Myanmar citizens, along with 6 lakh Yaba tablets in Patenga of Chittagong city early today.

  • Thousands flee Myanmar as army, rebels clash

    Thousands of people have fled clashes between the Myanmar military and ethnic rebels along the border with China, a Chinese official says.

  • Activists reject Myanmar's new Rakhine body as Annan visits

    A new body set up by Myanmar's government to investigate allegations of rights abuses against Rohingya in Rakhine lacks credibility, activists said Friday, as former UN chief Kofi Annan began a visit to the troubled state.

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    Malaysia will not abandon tournament over Myanmar Rohingya crackdown

    Malaysia decided on Friday to carry on with a regional soccer tournament co-hosted by Myanmar, days after a Malaysian minister said it was considering pulling out in protest against Myanmar's bloody crackdown on ethnic Rohingya Muslims.

  • Malaysia debates pulling out of ASEAN cup over Rohingya crackdown

    Malaysia is considering pulling its side out of a major regional soccer tournament co-hosted by Myanmar in protest over Myanmar's crackdown on ethnic Rohingya Muslims, a senior Malaysian official said on Wednesday.

  • Bangladeshi Without Borders

    Meet Iqbal Huda, known as “Tidal”, a Cox’s Bazar native who has spent his entire life helping people in distresss access free, need-based medical care— irrespective of creed, race, religion or political convictions.

  • Kofi Annan to lead commission on Rohingya issue

    Aung San Suu Kyi picks ex- UN chief Kofi Annan to lead commission to stop human rights abuses in Rakhine State between Buddhists and minority Rohingya Muslims.

  • Preserving hope

    Rohingya from Rakhine State of Myanmar have been displaced for decades, which leads to hopelessness and frustration due to lack of political or socioeconomic prospects either in Bangladesh or back in Myanmar where they do not enjoy citizenship.

  • Anomalous case of incarcerated 'released prisoners'

    The right to secure protection and to access justice by asylum seekers and refugees is a long established principle. There is enough evidence to show that due to fear of being arrested under the FA the undocumented Rohingyas refrain from reporting any offence committed against them.

  • UNHCR: Release Roghingya refugees from detention

    The Rohingya refugees who arrived in Malaysia after being stranded in the Bay of Bengal a year ago must be released from detention, says United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

  • Rohingya crisis: Politics of denial

    Myanmar has no reason or justification to deny the history and existence of Rohingyas as an ethnic race of its land. Then why does the hardline nationalist group continue to be so provocative against this community?

  • Migrant crisis: MOAS to begin mission in Andaman Sea

    Global search and rescue charity, Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), will begin a new mission in the Andaman Sea and adjacent areas on March 3 to track, monitor and, if needed, provide search and rescue of refugees or migrants.

  • Rohingya census begins in 6 dists

    The government yesterday began a household survey to register the undocumented Rohingya population and also to get an idea of the circumstances under which they fled their home country, Myanmar.

  • Rohingya census process in 6 districts begins

    Primary task to conduct a census of unregistered Rohingya population in Bangladesh has begun in six districts.

  • Amnesty warns over Asia migrant boat crisis

    Amnesty International said Bangladeshi migrants and persecuted Rohingya fleeing Myanmar faced "hellish" conditions on trafficking boats.

  • Europe’s dilemma is a stark closer to Asia

    Persecuted Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar and thousands of Bangladeshi nationals have undertaken perilous journeys across the Andaman Sea to reach countries in Southeast Asia.

  • Body of missing BGB man found in Sangu

    A Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) man, who went missing following a boat capsize incident in Sangu River on Thursday, is found dead in remote Tindu area of Bandarban.

  • 1100 Bangladeshis, Rohingyas die at sea in 18 months

    At least 70 people are estimated to have died at sea on ships abandoned in May this year from starvation, dehydration, disease and abuse by the crews, says UN refugee agency.

  • Mass graves found again on Malaysia-Thailand border

    Malaysian authorities have found mass graves containing the remains of more than 20 people believed to be human trafficking victims near the border with Thailand, police said.

  • Malaysia human trafficking camp revisited (video)

    Christine Cheah of Crime Watch Raw treks into a bigger, abandons trafficking camp in Wang Kelian, Kedah, which may indicate the involvement of syndicates.

  • Malaysia, Bangladesh to seek solution to human trafficking

    Malaysia and Bangladesh agree to work together towards a permanent solution of irregular movement of people in the Indian Ocean.

  • Thein Sein

    Myanmar president vows 'free, fair' polls

    Myanmar's president reaffirms his vow to hold a "free and fair" election after the country set the date for what many hope will be the most democratic vote in a generation for the former junta-run nation.

  • US upgrades Malaysia in human trafficking report

    The US is upgrading Malaysia from lowest tier on its list of worst human trafficking centres, a move that could smooth way for an ambitious US-led free-trade deal with the Southeast Asian nation and 11 other countries.

  • Displaced people hits record 60m: UN

    The number of people displaced by war, conflict and persecution reached a record level of nearly 60 million across the world in 2014, says a UN report.

  • Malaysian trafficking ring kingpins’ cover blown

    Malaysian businessmen are kingpins of network involved in trafficking of Bangladeshi migrants and Rohingyas at Malaysian-Thai border, police say.

  • Rape–another crime of human traffickers at sea

    An investigative report by this paper has unraveled the horrifying sexual abuse of Rohingya women while they make their perilous trips at sea.

  • What language do "boat people" speak?

    I think a euphemism is a kind of lie, and the lies peoples and countries tell themselves are revealing. Describing Rohingya migrants as “boat people” is disturbing and unacceptable to me.

  • Women are sexually abused all the way

    Afia (not her real name) was not accompanied by any of her family members, but she showed no signs of jitters. While many in the vessel turned pale in panic due to want of food and water in the perilous sea, the beautiful young girl held her nerves.