• Friday, August 29, 2014

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Rape Victim

Agony After Arbitration

Rape victim kills herself

Denied justice by the law, society and her own family, a rape victim in Kushtia killed herself early yesterday. The thirty-year-old housewife from Hashimpur village in Kumarkhali upazila was raped allegedly by a quack on Sunday when she went to his chamber in the village bazaar to abort her 3-month old pregnancy, according to police. Once in the chamber, quack Rafiquzzaman Jhantu injected her with a sedative for the abortion process but started raping her when she fell unconscious. But soon...

India outrage over raped, hanged girls

India outrage over raped, hanged girls

There is outrage over police inaction in a village in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh where two teenage girls were gang raped and hanged from a tree. The father of one victim said he was ridiculed by policemen when he sought help in finding his missing daughter. He said when the policemen found out...


A beast in human form!

THE report that a man over 60, Ahmed Ali, raped a six-year-old baby girl twice is too mind-bogglingly devilish to believe. And then think of some elders posing as arbitrators condemning, not the perpetrator of the outrage, but the victimized child, as being blemished and hence ordering her to leave her village in Nandigram of Bogra, the place of her birth!  It's all too shocking and terrible to come to terms with. But it's all real and has taken place...

HC seeks info on rape of Bogra girl

HC seeks info on rape of Bogra girl

The High Court today directed the government to inform it by April 20 what steps were taken regarding the incident of rape of a six-year-old girl in Bogra and forcing her family to leave home through arbitration.   It came up with the order on a suo moto (of its own) motion following a...

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