• India Darjeeling landslides kill 30

    Landslides triggered by heavy rain kills 30 people in India's tea-growing region of Darjeeling

  • 6 killed in Cox’s Bazar landslide, rain

    Two people are killed in monsoon rain-triggered landslide while bodies of four persons, who were washed away on Thursday, found in Cox’s Bazar. .


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  • Umbrellas have been flawed for the past 3,000 years! Now there is a new design!

    To answer your rainy day woes, the KAZbrella is here. A modern and innovative take on the conventional umbrella design the KAZbrella closes inside out, is drip free and easy to use.

  • Rain disrupts city life

    Some areas lacking adequate storm drainage in Dhaka goes under water due to day-long drizzling today, causing public suffering as traffic movement gets slow on the submerged roads.

  • Rain disrupts play

    Oh rain!

    Rain becomes the spoilsport during the second game of the 3-match ODI series between India and Bangladesh at Mirpur Stadium today.

  • Heavy rains halt train service in Mymensingh

    Train service on Mymensingh-Jamalpur route disrupts for three hours as rail tracks went under water in Mymensingh after the city experienced the highest rainfall.

  • City dwellers gasp in gridlock

    In addition to water-logging on some key city roads, vehicles passing through Gulshan-1, Gulshan-2, Rampura, Badda and Baridhara remained stuck for hours as police cleared route for passage of the prime minister.

  • Nor’wester lashes Dhaka, 4 dists

    Nor'wester lashes Dhaka and four other districts.

  • Rain in the north, heat elsewhere

    Mixed weather pattern is prevailing through Bangladesh this summer with rain cooling life back to tugging quilts in the north and baking everyone under heat elsewhere.

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Dec 05, 2014
Dec 05, 2014
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