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Presidential Clemency

Is presidential clemency possible for war criminals?

LAW, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Huq on Sunday stressed the need for bringing an amendment to the constitution so that the convicted war criminals cannot get president's clemency in future. He said that former president Abdur Rahman Biswas had pardoned war crimes convict Jamaat-e-Islami leader Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed. In the minister's view it cannot be ensured that the convicted war criminals would not get presidential pardon without amending the constitution. He said he would raise the...

No presidential clemency for war crimes convicts

CAPITAL punishment is a debated issue worldwide, and the arguments on both sides are equally strong. The proponents argue that the utter and deliberate denial of life and opportunity to others forfeits one's own claim to continued membership in the community. The preciousness of life in a community must be so highly honoured that those who do not honour the life of others make null and void their own right to membership in the community. On the other hand, even...


Dilemma between disclosure and denial

LAST week was full of challenges without being challenging. Our prime minister challenged the High Court on the arrest of three Rab officers. A human rights organization challenged the legality of presidential clemency. A noted academician of the country challenged the Education Ministry on the ground of leaking question papers. It was good to hear so many dissenting voices resenting over so many things. Sadly, they were one-sided instead of being reciprocal. Reciprocal is when both sides get involved, when...

Presidential clemency challenged

Presidential clemency challenged

A human rights organisation today challenged the legality of a constitutional provision that empowers the president to pardon any convict. Article 49 of the constitution that gives the president the power to pardon convicts is contradictory to the basic structure and fundamental rights guaranteed in the constitution, Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh (HRPB)...

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