• Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Power Development Board (PDB)

Big boost for Bhola

When natural gas was discovered in Shahbazpur of Bhola two decades ago, everyone thought the energy- and job-starved island would flourish, but despite various efforts almost no major changes came to make that dream come true. However, things are finally set to take a giant leap as a 195-megawatt power plant is scheduled to begin partial operation in December. The full plant is likely to be operational in August next year. This would make this island rich with availability of natural...

Power price goes higher, loss too

Power price goes higher, loss too

Despite repeated hikes in power tariff both at customer and bulk power distribution levels in the last five years, the power sector will not recover from incurring losses before 2018 until the large and cheaper coal-based power plants come into operation. According to experts, people will continue to pay high prices for power and the government will have to continue providing subsidy to the Power Development Board (PDB) till then. “The power sector losses might go beyond 2018 if the government today does not address the problems in implementation of various large power projects,” said Alamgir Kabir, former chairman of PDB. “Many projects are facing financing and other problems that urgently...

Ghorashal Power Plant

Capacity of 2 units to double

The Power Development Board (PDB) is upgrading two Russian-built old gas-fired power units in Ghorashal to double their electricity generation capacity without increasing their gas consumption in a couple of years. This half a billion dollar solution would give these plants at least 20 years of new life, while the electricity cost would be very low, said a PDB official. According to a decision taken on the basis of a feasibility study last year, the PDB floated tenders to upgrade or...

Renewable power development with incentives

Renewable power development with incentives

THE government's target for generation of 5% of our total electricity from renewable sources within 2015 is indeed a challenge. Approximately 500 MW electricity generation target within 2015 has been proposed. As planned, approximately 340 MW power from solar parks, solar irrigation, solar mini-grid, solar rooftop will be generated from commercial solar power...

Hot summer brings power cuts again

Hot summer brings power cuts again

The country has been left bone dry and hungry for electricity to cool off due to an alarming drop in rainfall and a mild heat wave sweeping through several districts. The first month of Bangla new year Baishakh, beginning on April 14, ushered in no nor'westers or rainfall in Dhaka. The Met office sees...

Summit's 337mw Power Plant

Meghnaghat kicks off test operations

By gathering funds against the odds, the local power company Summit began test operations of its Meghnaghat 337 megawatt dual-fuel combined cycle power plant in late February. Summit chief Muhammad Aziz Khan told The Daily Star that the plant was generating 126MW power using diesel supplied by the Power Development Board (PDB). “We expect to achieve the simple cycle operation state by late March,” he said, adding, “This will fulfil a condition of international financiers, who have agreed to invest $190...

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