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Carnage in Peshawar school

WE have no words to express our shock and horror at the carnage perpetrated by jihadist militants against schoolchildren at a military-run public school in Peshawar of Pakistan on Tuesday. We condemn in the strongest possible terms the dastardly attack on a school causing death of some 132 children and nine staff members including teacher.  Our heartfelt sympathies to the bereaved families. By claiming responsibility for the monstrosity enacted, the Pakistani Taliban have once again exposed their evil face. Those...


Extremism, Pakistan and the missing counter narrative

DECEMBER 16, 2014 is a sad day for Pakistan. But it is also a day of infamy for those who use Islam to justify evil actions, and a day of disgrace for those Muslims who choose to remain silent in the face of such barbarity. The killing of 146 students in a school in Peshawar run by the Pakistan Army is one of the most brutal and senseless massacres of innocent people in the hands of Muslim radicals. The Tehrik-e-Taliban...

Pakistan mourns school massacre

Pakistan mourns school massacre

The Pakistani city of Peshawar has begun burying its dead after a Taliban attack at a school killed at least 132 children and nine staff. Mourners crowded around coffins bedecked with flowers, while other families waited at hospitals for news. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif declared three days of mourning and Pakistan's army struck at militants...

Pakistan school attack: Most of victims shot in head

Pakistan school attack: Most of victims shot in head

Most of the victim students of the Army Public School in Peshawar received bullets in the head and they were targeted from a point blank range by the attackers, according to the students and a minister. The students said that the attackers scaled the boundary wall from the adjacent graveyard and started firing while...

Nawaz lifts moratorium on death penalty after Peshawar attack

Nawaz lifts moratorium on death penalty after Peshawar attack

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today approved the removal of moratorium on death penalty after the carnage in Peshawar killed 141 people. Addressing an All Parties Conference (APC) in Peshawar, the premier announced that the moratorium on death penalty, which was imposed under international pressure, has been lifted. “The prime minister has abolished the moratorium on...

Pakistan Taliban: Peshawar school attack leaves 135 deadDeveloping

Pakistan Taliban: Peshawar school attack leaves 135 dead

Militants from the Pakistani Taliban have attacked an army-run school in Peshawar, leaving at least 135 people dead, most of them children. All six attackers are said by officials to have been killed but the security forces are still checking for bombs they may have left. Scores of survivors are being treated in hospitals as...

Shots fired at plane landing in Pakistan

Shots fired at plane landing in Pakistan

Gunmen have opened fire on a passenger plane arriving at Peshawar airport in Pakistan, police say. The Pakistan International Airlines flight PK756 had been carrying about 178 passengers from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. One female passenger was killed and two crew members were injured. A deadly attack by militants on Karachi airport this month sparked an...

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