• Fifa fines HK over China anthem booing

    The Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA) has been fined $40,000 Hong Kong dollars ($5,160; £3,400) after its fans booed the Chinese national anthem during a match last month.

  • Light tremor felt in Ctg, Bandarban

    A light tremor of magnitude 4.4 in the Richter scale is felt in Chittagong and Bandarban.

  • Europe’s dilemma is a stark closer to Asia

    Persecuted Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar and thousands of Bangladeshi nationals have undertaken perilous journeys across the Andaman Sea to reach countries in Southeast Asia.

  • Myanmar election campaigning begins

    Campaigning begins in Myanmar, two months ahead of its first openly-contested general election in 25 years.

  • Aung San Suu Kyi's party excludes Muslim candidates

    There was a time when Aung San Suu Kyi was seen as Asia's Nelson Mandela. To her more ardent fans, she was more than that. An icon, almost a saint. So why is the Nobel Peace Prize winner's political party excluding Muslims from its list of candidates for November's general election?

  • A misguided election campaign

    Fear of angering the Buddhist nationalists – especially the Committee for the Protection of Nationality and Religion, which is better known by its Myanmar-language acronym Ma Ba Tha, which includes the outspoken monk Ashin Wirathu – convinced the party's leaders to exclude Muslims from their constituency list.

  • Myanmar sets $2.80 daily minimum wage

    Myanmar has set a minimum wage of 3,600 kyat ($2.80) for an eight-hour work day.

  • Myanmar ‘rebel’ sent to jail

    A suspected member of Myanmarese rebel group Arakan Army, who was detained yesterday during a combing operation in Rangamati, is sent to jail.

  • 1100 Bangladeshis, Rohingyas die at sea in 18 months

    At least 70 people are estimated to have died at sea on ships abandoned in May this year from starvation, dehydration, disease and abuse by the crews, says UN refugee agency.

  • Attack on BGB: Youth ‘linked to’ Arakan army held

    Police detain a youth who is allegedly linked to the Myanmar rebel group Arakan Army from Rangamati after yesterday’s attack on Border Guards Bangladesh.

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