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Missing Malaysia MH370

Malaysia MH370 jet hunt to move south, Australia says

Malaysia MH370 jet hunt to move south, Australia says

The next phase of the hunt for missing Malaysian jet MH370 will move hundreds of miles south, officials have said. The search will focus on an area 1,800km (1,100 miles) off the city of Perth, Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) chief Martin Dolan said. Nearby areas were previously surveyed from the air, but the undersea...

MH370 search

The investigation into the fate of Flight MH370 has been muddied by five weeks of frenzied speculation, none of which has helped the search mission Science and data analysis is slowly but surely leading us to the final resting place of Flight MH370. Meanwhile, five weeks of speculation and conspiracy theories have been worse than useless in the quest to find the missing airliner. The last "ping" from the black-box flight recorder was detected last Tuesday as its battery ran down....

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