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May Day

Stay alert against those spreading rumours: Hasina

Stay alert against those spreading rumours: Hasina

Stressing the importance of good owners- workers relationship for the rapid development of the industrial sector, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday urged the owners and workers to remain alert so that no one could harm the country's industry, mills and factories in the future spreading rumours. "We saw in the past that damages...


May Day remembered

EVERY May 1, we reflect on workers' plight since the fateful day in 1886 when some workers were shot dead in Chicago Hay market for their demand of an 8-hour work day. It is a solemn day when we take stock of where our workers stand in availing themselves of their rights in terms of safety and security at the workplace and a fair wage. Sadly, for the teeming millions of working class people that journey has not been...

May Day

Trade Union: Cloudy past, gloomy present, shining future

THE right to form associations or unions is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Article 38 provides that every citizen shall have the right to form associations or unions. Such right is reflected and ensured in Chapter XIII of the Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 (BLA). A Trade Union (TU) is an association of workers or an association of employers, who strive for better wages, better conditions of employment, more productivity, etc. A TU,...


May Day . . . and all those good men

MAY Day, for me, for millions of others around the world, remains a matter of conviction. No, I do not pretend to be a socialist, though I try to be one. That is what my heart tells me. I remain acutely conscious of the fact that I can never be a good communist. The reasons are simple. It takes great courage, an immensity of the sacrificial spirit and a totality of faith in the power of the common masses...

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