• Monday, December 22, 2014

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Freedom in the air

Jalal Talabani

Fouad Massoum new Iraq president

Fouad Massoum new Iraq president

Iraqi MPs have elected Kurdish politician Fouad Massoum as president, succeeding Jalal Talabani. Massoum, 76, is a founding member of Talabani's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party. Since 2003 Iraq's president has always been a Kurd, while the prime minister is a Shia and the parliamentary speaker drawn from the Sunni Arab bloc. Iraq is facing a...

Iraq suicide bomb at rally kills 30

Iraq suicide bomb at rally kills 30

A suicide bombing at a rally in north-eastern Iraq has killed 30 people, security officials say. The attack took place at a political gathering in the town of Khanaqin, which has a large Kurdish population. It was the deadliest bombing among a wave of attacks to hit Iraq on Monday. Iraqis are voting in the country's...

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