SUNDAY, MAY 24, 2015


  • What’s on Laden’s bookshelf revealed

    Laden was fixated on attacking US targets and pressured al Qaeda groups to heal local rivalries and focus on that cause,according to documents the US says were seized in his hideout in Pakistan.

  • migrant worker

    Iraq returnees demand compensation

    Returning empty-handed from Iraq, 19 workers demand compensation and licence cancellation of two recruiting agencies for cheating with them 17 months back.

  • Militias ‘head for IS-held Ramadi’

    The Iraqi government is reported to be sending Iran-backed Shia militias to Ramadi to recapture the city seized by Islamic State (IS) militants.

  • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

    Islam is religion of fighting, not peace: IS leader

    The Islamic State group on Thursday released an audio message purportedly from its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has not been seen or heard from in months.

  • 'Dozens dead' in Iraq prison break

    At least 30 prisoners and 10 guards have died in a prison break in Iraq.

  • IS 'kills 300 Yazidi captive'

    Several hundred Yazidi captives are killed in Iraq by Islamic State (IS) militants west of Mosul, Yazidi and Iraqi officials say. A statement from the Yazidi Progress Party said 300 captives were killed on Friday in Tal Afar near the city.

  • Australia-Iran share intelligence to fight IS

    Australia and Iran agrees to share intelligence about Australians fighting with militant groups in Iraq.

  • 3 killed in IS car bomb in Iraq

    A car bombing claimed by Islamic State kills three people on Friday outside the US consulate in Erbil, in a relatively rare attack in the capital of Iraq's Kurdistan region.

  • All war trial verdicts to be executed: PM

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina vows to execute the remaining war crimes trial verdicts saying Bangladesh war criminals committed much more heinous crimes than Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.

  • Iraq 'retakes 25% of Islamic State territory'

    Islamic State (IS) has lost more than a quarter of its territory in Iraq since US-led coalition air strikes began in August, the Pentagon has said.

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