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International Labour Organization (ILO)

Dhaka seeks int’l support to solve Rohingya crisis

Dhaka seeks int’l support to solve Rohingya crisis

Bangladesh has sought cooperation of the international community for the implementation of its National Strategy to address the issue of undocumented Myanmar nationals here.   Foreign Secretary M Shahidul Haque, now in Geneva, conveyed the request while briefing the international community on the Bangladesh National Strategy to address the issue of undocumented Myanmar nationals. The Foreign...


Jobless future haunts them

BANGLADESH now has about 30 million able-bodied unemployed labour force, says a report released by ILO. The report further says that with unemployment rising at the present rate, the country will have 60 million unemployed people by 2015. The report by the Bangladesh Economics Association released in 2012 says that every year 22 lakh people are added to the existing number and only about 7 lakh can find jobs. The Economics Intelligence Unit of The Economist says that 47%...

Improving garment worker safety

THE situation in Bangladesh is complex and challenging.  The 700 factories that make products for the Alliance member companies are only a small fraction of the roughly 5,000 factories in Bangladesh's ready-made garment industry.  Rapid industry growth and urbanization have led to factories sprouting up in apartments and other places that are ill-suited to large-scale garment production and make unauthorized sub-contracting even more dangerous than usual.  There are too few government inspectors, labor laws have been too weak for...

Shocking revelations

THE collective conscience of our sweatshop owners for combating anti-compliant practices has not awakened. For the first time on Thursday night, an undercover Independent Television (ITV, a British television network), investigation reportage revealed a number of our RMG factories where verbal and physical abuse takes place, as workers are reduced to tears, slapped and kicked for not working fast enough. Another factory was filmed with its fire exits locked up during operational hours. Officials of another factory regularly manipulated...

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