• RU teacher murdered, then wrongly labelled

    While a reported statement of Islamic State labelled him as a promoter of atheism, Prof AFM Rezaul Karim Siddiquee was a

  • Enemy of none, lover of sitar

    He was a sitar player. All his life, he was devoted to music, culture and peace. His family members and colleagues don't believe he had enmity with anyone. He never said or wrote anything against any religion or hurt anybody's religious sentiment.

  • RU teacher killing: Unknown people sued, ‘IS claims responsibility’

    Police say they have found similarities between the murder of RU teacher Rezaul Karim Siddiquee and the killings of blogger and secular activists, pointing to the use of sharp weapons to cause heavy damage from rear. Slain professor's son sues anonymous people for the murder, which, US-based SITE Intelligence Group says, was claimed by militant group Islamic State.

  • No IS in Bangladesh: Home minister

    There is no existence of Islamic State in Bangladesh, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan reaffirms.

  • twitter

    Twitter suspends 125,000 'terrorism' accounts

    Twitter says it has suspended more than 125,000 accounts since mid-2015 "for threatening or promoting terrorist acts".

  • US cop ambushed 'in the name of Islam'

    A man who shot and wounded a policeman at point blank range as he sat in his patrol car was inspired by Islamic State militants, police said.

  • 70,000 Muslim clerics pass ‘fatwa’ against terrorism

    Religious leaders emphasize that they don't consider terrorists to be true Muslims.

  • IS video appears to show beheading of Russian captive

    A video released online by Islamic State purportedly showed the beheading of a man the group said was a Russian spy its fighters had captured and who had been in Syria and Iraq since last year, the SITE monitoring group reported.

  • Syria airstrikes vote on Wednesday, says UK PM

    The PM is to ask his cabinet to endorse a one-day Commons debate and vote on Wednesday over UK air strikes against so-called Islamic State in Syria.

  • The Grand Theatre of War

    World War I was once thought of as 'the War to End All Wars'. But the hypothesis that “violence can be extinguished with greater violence” has since been thoroughly disproved and should have no place in modern statecraft. Yet it is the bedrock of anti-terrorism.


    According to a poll, 76 percent of Republicans, and 42 percent of Democrats believe that American and Islamic values are at odds. Former Governor Jeb Bush and Senator Ted Cruz want to allow Christian, and bar Muslim Syrian refugees from entering the US.

  • An ambiguous UN resolution and a downed warplane

    Defeating ISIL will be an impossible task because of differences in the strategies of the players engaged in Syria. ISIL cannot be eliminated by bombs. It can be dismantled only by ground forces, which none of the western nations are willing to commit at this stage.

  • The War on Abstract Notions

    Wars on abstract concepts (e.g. terror, freethinking) are dangerous because they can be aimed at virtually anyone and can be invoked to launch every missile and curtail every freedom.

  • A world united against terror

    We unequivocally welcome the unanimous adoption of a UN Security Council resolution urging the world to unite to defeat IS. The move follows the recent ghastly terrorist attacks in Beirut...


    There was an outcry on Facebook the past week about why the infectious social platform was blatantly discriminating between bloodshed in Beirut on Thursday and Paris the day after, both ISIS-orchestrated.

  • IS video threatens attack on New York

    The Islamic State releases a new propaganda video threatening attacks on New York City, city officials confirm today.

  • IS defector explains key reason people joining the group

    Despite ISIS's claims of ruling over an Islamic "caliphate" in line with Sharia law, a large number of the group's fighters joined for reasons having little to do with religion, according to a defector from the group.

  • Father comforted his son in the most uplifting way after Paris attacks

    A French father, his little son and a reporter had a conversation in the wake of the recent Paris attacks and the conversation is going viral after it was shared on Facebook by French TV show Le Petit Journal.

  • I will make case for Syria strikes: Cameron

    David Cameron promises a "comprehensive strategy" to win MPs' backing for bombing Islamic State militants in Syria as well as Iraq.

  • Widow of Beirut bomb attack hero proud of her husband

    The family of a man who has been hailed as a hero for tackling a suspected ISIS suicide bomber during an attack in Con Thursday at the at the cost of his own life, say they feel pride at his actions, reports CNN.

  • Unlike any that came before

    Evidence emerged in 2014 that the IS' success in the battlefield had a lot to do with the disenfranchised Ba'ath party members of Iraq.

  • First attacker identified from Paris carnage

    French police identify first of seven gunmen who killed at least 129 people in a wave of carnage claimed by Islamic State group, as international investigators stepped up their probes into Paris's worst ever attacks.

  • ISIS in Bangladesh: Contradictory messages deepen anxiety

    Siegfried O. Wolf, a professor of political science at the South Asia Institute of the University of Heidelberg, said that foreign intelligence agencies did withhold sensitive information from Bangladesh, fearing that it could be misused. The country is in the grip of extreme political polarization, he said, and there is factionalism and rivalry among security agencies.

  • Arguments you cannot brush aside

    The operative words are extremism and terrorism; so what's in a name, terrorism is terrorism. The threats have always been there and to be fair to ourselves some of the major terrorist acts have not seen handing out of convictions to the perpetrators.

  • 'Islamic State': Let it not be a red herring

    The quick 'acknowledgment' of the killings by the IS, the method of which does not fit the IS footprint, raises doubts about the veracity of the post. However, let the IS issue not be a red herring.

  • IS or not, how does it matter?

    While it is essential to eliminate IS link without dismissing outright the possibility of their existence in this country, it is also essential to identify and nab the perpetrators, keeping our mind open to all the possible motives for the killings.

  • Russia joins the fray

    At last Russia has decided that it will not be in the sidelines any more. After much speculation among western powers about its role in the four-year long Syrian war, Russia has come out full force to defend its long time regional ally, President Assad.

  • Barbarism of IS

    We read with horror, anger and disdain the news item captioned “When Islamic State rapists win,” (August 29, 2015). The so-called caliphate is neither Islamic nor a caliphate.

  • US counterterrorism strategy in South Asia

    The U.S.-led coalition military strategy in Afghanistan and the adjacent border areas of Pakistan has drawn huge criticisms for its over-reliance on the use of coercive force and utter negligence of peace, reconciliation, and reconstruction efforts.

  • Taliban without Mullah Omar

    Pakistan has to undertake some serious confidence building measures with Kabul. President Ashraf Ghani, who is keen to stop the bloodletting, is still not sure whether Pakistan really wants the insurgency to cease or if it has other motives.