• IS 'deputy' killed in air strike, US says

    A deputy leader of Islamic State (IS), Fadhil Ahmad al-Hayali, has been killed in a US military strike in northern Iraq, the White House says.

  • Erdogan's war and US myopia

    The Obama Administration, which defied the hawkish opposition at home and abroad and signed the historic Nuclear Deal with Iran, seems to have condoned President Erdogan's military operation in Iraq.

  • Syria-linked jihadist denied bail

    The High Court rejects bail petition of a UK citizen of Bangladeshi origin, who came here for recruiting jihadists for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, in a case filed for conspiring to establish an IS group in Bangladesh.

  • Govt stops operation in Libya, issues travel alert

    Bangladesh embassy suspends operations in war-torn Libya, advises Bangladeshis including migrant workers to avoid traveling there.

  • car bomb

    Deadly car bombs hit Yemen

    Two deadly car bombs hit the capital Sanaa and a southern city in Yemen on Tuesday, state news agency Saba reported, a day after air strike and clashes killed almost 200 people nationwide.

  • Iran's foreign policy ploys

    Iran has played the extremist card to the hilt and managed to run rings around the US that continues to suffer from a joint ISIS-Al Qaeda phobia...

  • Hundred years of death, destruction and destiny

    THE centre of gravity shifts every few years. The shattered buildings look like real estate displays as if walls and roofs were

  • Islamic State militants

    Islamic State attacks Anbar province

    Islamic State militants attacked the capital of Iraq's vast Anbar province on multiple fronts on Friday, seizing two areas on the city outskirts.

  • mass graves

    Mass graves of Iraqi soldiers in Tikrit

    The suspected mass graves of up to 1,700 captured Iraqi soldiers killed by IS militants have been found in the city of Tikrit.

  • Refugee camp

    UN demands access to Damascus camp

    The UN Security Council has demanded humanitarian access to the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk in Damascus.

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