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Freedom in the air



De-radicalising the Muslim diaspora in the West

SEVERAL Bangladeshi-British youths have recently been indicted in Britain for their alleged links with the ISIS. Twenty-year-old Mahdi Hassan -- whose parents had migrated from Bangladesh -- was one of the six former students of a private British school to have joined the ISIS, and the fourth one to be killed recently while fighting at Kobane, Syria. While a microscopic minority of Muslim immigrants gets jihadi indoctrination before moving to the West, the bulk of the radicalised sections among...


Understanding the ISIS menace

Amenacingly armed political entity has risen over the horizon in the Middle East. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (the region consisting parts of modern Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon) or ISIL, also known as ISIS, the acronym derived from its Arabic name, AD-Dowla Al-Islamiyyafil Iraq wa as-sham announced its arrival in June this year. The self-proclaimed Islamic Caliphate soon changed its name to simply the Islamic State (IS). One Abu Bakr al Baghdadi declared himself to be...

IS steps up key Syrian town assault

IS steps up key Syrian town assault

Fighting has intensified in the besieged Syrian border town of Kobane, where Kurdish forces have been holding Islamic State at bay since September. IS militants launched at least four suicide attacks, with reports saying at least 25 people were killed. The first of the attacks was near the Turkish border crossing. It is thought to...

Killings in the desert and the mirage of caliphate

THE name is now all too familiar, so are the violence and brutality associated with it. A caliphate, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, has been proclaimed.  A caliph, with a suitable name borrowed from the first caliph of Islam, has proclaimed himself as head of the Islamic State.  The evocative name of Baghdad of the glorious days of Islam has been duly affixed to the title. The caliphate has not been coy about its own...

'Jihadi John' reportedly wounded in airstrike

'Jihadi John' reportedly wounded in airstrike

One of the world's most wanted men "Jihadi John" has reportedly been wounded in an airstrike, reports a UK-based daily. “Jihadi John”, the man accused of executing British hostages David Haines and Alan Henning and two Americans held by Isil, may have been injured in an airstrike on an Iraqi town close to the...

ISIS chief calls for attacks on Saudi Arabia

ISIS chief calls for attacks on Saudi Arabia

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the so called Islamic State (ISIS), has purportedly issued a defiant call for followers to “erupt volcanoes of jihad everywhere”, specially on Saudi Arabia. The 17-minute audio recording, in which he vowed to fight to the last man, was his first public statement since Iraqi officials reported he...

ISIS atrocities

150 Iraqis executed

The bodies of more than 150 men killed by Islamic state (ISIS) militants were recovered from a ditch in the city of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, on Thursday in the latest of a series of mass executions of tribal figures who oppose the group. Iraqi officials said the men had been captured in the town of Heet, west of Ramadi, over the last week. All were members of the Sunni Albu Nimr tribe, which had faced off against ISIS and...

Islam: The crisis within

THE Islamic world today is faced with extreme violence and conflict that is a danger to global peace and harmony. Countries such as Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen are topping the list of states most likely to fail. Absence of governance in many Muslim countries has provided a fertile ground for the rise of religious extremists who in their purported desire to establish an Islamic state have unleashed a reign of terror. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, Taliban...

ISIS launches assault on Idlib

ISIS launches assault on Idlib

Syria almost lost its second city to the jihadists of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra Monday night when hundreds of fighters stormed into the provincial capital, Idlib, captured the newly installed governor's office and began beheading Syrian army officers. By the time government troops recaptured the building, at least 70 soldiers – many senior officers...

ISIS threatens to kill British jihadists

ISIS threatens to kill British jihadists

British jihadi fighters desperate to return home from Syria and Iraq are being issued with death threats by the leadership of Islamic State (ISIS), the Observer has learned. A source with extensive contacts among Syrian rebel groups said senior ISIS figures were threatening Britons who were attempting to travel home. He said: “There are...

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