SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2015


  • This smart ‘band-aid’ could help the world beat Ebola

    The international fight against Ebola is far from over. Just this week, new patients arrived in U.S. hospitals for treatment. But back in Africa where healthcare workers have battled hundreds of cases at a time, officials are struggling to find smart solutions that can help ensure the safety of caregivers, offer more comprehensive and speedy care and add 21st century solutions to their disease-fighting arsenal, reports

  • paracetamol

    Long-term paracetamol use poses risk, says study

    Chronic users paracetamol -- people who typically take large, daily doses over several years -- may increase their risk of death, or kidney, intestinal and heart problems.

  • The blind breast cancer detectors

    Research suggests blind people can in fact detect tumours earlier than their sighted counterparts

  • Hale and hearty

    Hale and hearty

    One of the most overused clichés you have probably heard is, “Health is wealth”. It has been used so much that the importance of it has probably been lost. We do not pay heed to our health.

  • Unexplained deaths of 32 patients

    WE are appalled that 32 persons, including 10 babies, have died in less than 24 hours at MAG Osmani Medical College Hospital in Sylhet, allegedly due to negligence of doctors and hospital staff.

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