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Freedom in the air

General Ershad

Ershad keeps going, and going and going


Ershad keeps going, and going and going

A chameleon can change its colour in as little as 20 seconds, but those who have followed Hussein Muhammad Ershad lately know he does it faster. He was in many minds over the tenth parliamentary election. First he wanted to boycott it because, he said, people would spit on him if he didn't....


Murder most foul . . .

Murder most foul . . .

LAWRENCE Lifschultz's reflections on the murder of Major General Mohammad Abul Manzur in June 1981 are, for the nation's political leadership as also for the people of Bangladesh, a broad hint that all past conspiracies should be investigated in their totality and the truth behind them revealed. The good part of our otherwise sad post-1975 history is that a beginning has been made, through bringing the assassins of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to justice. The process of a fresh new judicial look at the jail killings of November 1975 is also underway. All of which is a breath of fresh air, for they point to the slow climb back...

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