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Formaldehyde Metre Z-300

Formalin testing kit unfit

Formalin testing kit unfit

Formaldehyde Metre Z-300, a kit used in the country for detecting formalin in food for more than two years, has been found inappropriate for the test, said Bangladesh Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. “Z-300 machine's reading of formaldehyde in soaked and fresh fruits varies depending on time, temperature and moisture,” BCSIR said in a report. “Even, it indicates gradually higher level of formaldehyde in fresh fruits in warm temperature. So the kit's reading of formaldehyde level won't be accurate if fruits are kept in warm temperature.” The BCSIR submitted the...

No fruits in Ramadan if ‘faulty’ device not withdrawn

No fruits in Ramadan if ‘faulty’ device not withdrawn

Fruit wholesalers and importers in Dhaka today threatened not to sell or import any fruits during the month of Ramadan if the use of “faulty” formalin detection device is not stopped immediately. The traders also urged the government not to take any step to destroy fruits in the name of formalin contamination without ensuring...

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