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Freedom in the air

Fantasy Kingdom

Into the World of Fantasy

Into the World of Fantasy

Everyone wants to break the monotony of life and that's why we crave for a break. For those who seek a place packed with multiple scopes of entertainment, Fantasy Kingdom Complex is ideal. The complex was built at Jamgora in Ashulia, keeping in mind the people's need for entertainment. Concord Entertainment Co. Ltd...

Pahela Boishakh at Fantasy Kingdom & Foy's Lake

Pahela Boishakh at Fantasy Kingdom & Foy's Lake

To celebrate Pohela Boishakh, Concord Entertainment has arranged different programs at their theme park Fantasy Kingdom. On April 14, a live concert will feature Feedback, Bappa Mojumder, Shironamhin and Nagorik.  A DJ show will be held in Water Kingdom on that day, while a baul performance will be showcased at Heritage Park, according...

Fantasy Kingdom and Foy's Lake to celebrate Independence Day

Fantasy Kingdom is the first theme park in Bangladesh. The park is themed as a mysterious Lost Kingdom comprising of unusual architectural landmarks that can be seen for miles around. The theme is carefully designed to blend large and dramatic buildings within a fantastic, imaginative landscaped setting. To celebrate Independence day, Concord Entertainment Co. Ltd.  has arranged a  live concert at their theme park Fantasy Kingdom and DJ show at Water Kingdom. On March 26th, singer Asif, Bands Aurthohin, lalon...

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