• Friday, August 22, 2014

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Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)


Educated unemploy-ment is worrying

ECONOMIST Intelligence Unit of the famous British journal Economist in a report analysed by Prothom Alo reveals that 47 percent of graduates in Bangladesh are jobless. This is the highest unemployment figure among the educated in South Asia, next only to Afghanistan. Add to this the overall figure of 22 lakh entering the job market in Bangladesh every year with only 7 lakh getting any job. So, at 14.2 percent unemployment rate, six crore will be jobless by 2015. Leave...

Cotton use may rise 8pc next fiscal year

Cotton consumption in Bangladesh may rise 8.75 percent to 870,000 tonnes in fiscal 2014-15 with higher demand for garments, according to a report by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). At the end of the current fiscal year, cotton consumption will reach 800,000 tonnes, the same quantity that Bangladesh consumed in fiscal 2012-13, the report added. Cotton consumption started picking up after fiscal 2011-12 when consumption had declined to 700,000 tonnes for volatility in the global cotton market. In fiscal 2010-11, Bangladesh consumed...

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