• Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Dhaka Stock Exchange

Stocks end positive on better half-yearly data

Stocks closed positive for the second week as better than expected half-yearly earnings declarations lure investors to pour money in the market. Week-on-week, DSEX, the key index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, ended the day at 4,427.16 points, after gaining 35 points or 0.80 percent. It was the last trading week on the premier bourse before a nine-day Eid vacation. LankaBangla Securities said: “The market seems to be getting back some sort of momentum helped by good corporate earnings of listed...

DSE restructures two price indices

The Dhaka Stock Exchange yesterday restructured two price indices and added one company to the benchmark index, DSEX. The premier bourse reconstituted the indices in accordance with DSE Bangladesh Index Methodology, which was designed by S&P Dow Jones Indices, a global leader in providing investable and benchmark indices to the financial markets. The methodology is also being supervised by an indices committee of the DSE. One company, Matin Spinning Mills, has met all criteria of quarterly IPO addition and qualified as...

FAR Chemicals set for controversial stock debut

FAR Chemicals Industries is set to make a controversial debut on the stock market today, after the company masked market-sensitive information about its directors in the IPO prospectus -- a violation of security rules. Neither Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission, nor the Dhaka Stock Exchange made any attempt to block the debut. Earlier in 2012, the stock market regulator filed criminal cases against two of its directors for their involvement in forgery of rights issue of FAR Chemicals' associated firm RN...

Stocks end red for fifth day

Stocks declined for the fifth day yesterday as investors sold off shares amid relentless downtrend in the market. DSEX, the benchmark general index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, fell 34.38 points or 0.77 percent, to close at 4,376.77. The shariah index of the premier bourse, DSES, fell 5.77 points or 0.58 percent, to close at 992. Apparently, expectations on pending monetary policy statement and year-end declarations due in June could not create any noticeable stir in the market, said IDLC Investments. Besides, recent...

Weekly Review

Stocks post a rise despite nervy trade

Stocks gained last week, the first of the new fiscal year, as investors sold shares to pocket profits. DSEX, the prime index of Dhaka Stock Exchange, went up 26.78 points or 0.61 percent, to close at 4,436.21. The week featured four trading sessions instead of five as trading was suspended for bank holiday on Tuesday. Finance Bill 2014 and National Budget 2014-15 were duly passed last week, leaving a bundle of opportunities for capital market, and especially for investors, said IDLC...

Stocks continue to sulk over capital gains tax

Stocks ended flat yesterday, with turnover, one of the most important indicators of the market, dropping to a four-week low as investors shied away from placing fresh bids. At the close of trading, turnover stood at Tk 223 crore, down 16.31 percent from the previous day. DSEX, the prime index of Dhaka Stock Exchange, ended at 4,322.26 points, shedding 6.14 points or 0.14 percent. The volatility of the market started after the government proposed capital gains tax on share sales in the...

Stocks close with marginal gain

Stocks ended flat yesterday, as investors waited on the sidelines to observe the market. DSEX, the benchmark general index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, gained 9.28 points or 0.21 percent to close at 4,411.17. The shariah index of the Dhaka bourse, DSES, closed at 1,016.67 points, after gaining 3.77 points or 0.37 percent. The bourse managed to remain positive with the support of large-cap stocks that gained 0.94 percent, IDLC Investments said in daily market analysis. A total of 0.89 lakh trades were...

Stocks fall for ‘unfriendly budget’

Stocks fall for ‘unfriendly budget’

Stocks fell by 1.14 percent at Dhaka Stock Exchange today as investors went on a selling spree following what they termed an “unfriendly budget” for the capital market.    DSEX, the key index of the DSE, went down 50.2 points to stand at 4,346 points. “Budget cannot be called capital market friendly,” LankaBangla Securities, a...

Wata Chemicals returns to DSE with a bang

Wata Chemicals returns to DSE with a bang

Wata Chemicals share prices have skyrocketed more than eight times to Tk 487 a share, as the company declared dividends following a re-listing three weeks ago. The chemicals company announced 30 percent stock dividends for 2013, according to a posting on the Dhaka Stock Exchange's website yesterday. The company's net profit rose to Tk 2.97...

Wata Chemicals starts trading on DSE tomorrow

Wata Chemicals will start trading on the main market of Dhaka Stock Exchange tomorrow after remaining on the OTC market for four and a half years. The DSE in 2009 transferred the company to the OTC (over-the-counter) market, a separate trading floor for trading of junk shares. The OTC market is meant for those companies that are not in operation or failed to hold AGMs or declare dividends or did not convert their paper shares into electronic ones. The open-adjusted price of...

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