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Weekly Review

Stocks slip amid political troubles

Stocks continued to suffer for a second week as investors remained cautious of injecting fresh funds amid ongoing political volatility. DSEX, the benchmark general index of Dhaka Stock Exchange, declined 12.62 points or 0.25 percent, to close the last week at 4,956. Although macro indicators such as inflation, interest rate and private sector credit growth are in favour of the market, investors seem to be shaky because of instability on the political frontier, LankaBangla Securities said. “Investors went for short-term investment during...

Stocks return to black after three days in red

Stocks broke a three-day losing streak to return to the black yesterday, riding on investors' buying into large-cap firms. DSEX, the benchmark general index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, gained 23 points or 0.52 percent, to close at 4,564. The shariah index of the Dhaka bourse, closed at 1,063 points after gaining 2.87 points or 0.27 percent. Recent momentum in multinational companies and fast-moving consumer goods continued to support markets following the uptrend witnessed throughout much of the past two weeks, said...

Stocks end positive on better half-yearly data

Stocks closed positive for the second week as better than expected half-yearly earnings declarations lure investors to pour money in the market. Week-on-week, DSEX, the key index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, ended the day at 4,427.16 points, after gaining 35 points or 0.80 percent. It was the last trading week on the premier bourse before a nine-day Eid vacation. LankaBangla Securities said: “The market seems to be getting back some sort of momentum helped by good corporate earnings of listed...

Stocks back to black after nine red sessions

Stocks broke a nine-day losing streak to return to the black yesterday, on the back of optimistic investor buying. DSEX, the benchmark general index of Dhaka Stock Exchange, gained 32.53 points or 0.74 percent, to close at 4,376.89. The market gauge lost 142.71 points in the last nine trading days. The shariah index, DSES, accelerated 7.85 points or 0.79 percent to 998. The market returned to the positive territory with investors' concentration on lucrative scrips, said IDLC Investments, an investment banker. Last few sessions'...

Stocks continue to sulk over capital gains tax

Stocks ended flat yesterday, with turnover, one of the most important indicators of the market, dropping to a four-week low as investors shied away from placing fresh bids. At the close of trading, turnover stood at Tk 223 crore, down 16.31 percent from the previous day. DSEX, the prime index of Dhaka Stock Exchange, ended at 4,322.26 points, shedding 6.14 points or 0.14 percent. The volatility of the market started after the government proposed capital gains tax on share sales in the...

Stocks suffer a big jolt

Stocks suffer a big jolt

Stocks plunged 1.14 percent yesterday, the highest single day fall in the last one month, as investors were upset by a budgetary proposal that binds them to pay 3 percent tax on their capital gain above Tk 10 lakh. DSEX, the key index of Dhaka Stock Exchange, lost 50 points to reach a five-month...

Tax on large capital gains from stocks

Stock investors are set to be slapped with a 3 percent tax on capital gains upwards of Tk 10 lakh in the upcoming fiscal year, as part of the government's efforts to meet the ambitious revenue target. Furthermore, for gains above Tk 20 lakh, a 5 percent tax will be applicable, a big dent for general investors whose capital gains from the stockmarket remained tax-free to date. The move comes in a bid to collect some revenue for the national coffers...

Stocks pass mixed week

The market passed a mixed week, as investors were mostly focusing on multinational companies over corporate declarations and merger news. DSEX, the benchmark general index of Dhaka Stock Exchange, lost 28.49 points or 0.62 percent week-on-week to close at 4,592.73 last week. DSES, the shariah index of DSE, gained 11.75 points or 1.17 percent to finish at 1,020.22. Of the five trading sessions on the premier bourse, the market fell on three and rose on the rest. Preeminent large-cap companies, especially multinationals like...

Dhaka bourse to launch shariah index today

A shariah-compliant index is set to be introduced to the Dhaka Stock Exchange today to meet the requirements of Islamic fund investors. “Many people and institutions do not want to make investment in the stockmarket as there are no products reflecting shariah investment principles. Now they will be encouraged to come to the market,” DSE President Ahsanul Islam said yesterday. Titled the DSEX Shariah Index, it is designed and developed by the S&P Dow Jones Indices Methodology, a global leader in...

Mutual funds perform better than DSE average

Mutual funds perform better than DSE average

The mutual fund sector registered a gain of 8.73 percent last year against 5.19 percent by DSEX, the benchmark index of the Dhaka Stock Exchange, on the back of good performance of asset managers. “We could have generated more gain if the market remained stable,” said Yawer Sayeed, managing director of AIMS of Bangladesh,...

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