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Politics in Bangladesh

Comprehensive concept of inclusive polls can end crisis

A member of the European Parliament's Subcommittee on Human Rights has said Bangladesh can overcome the current crisis through a comprehensive concept for having an inclusive, participatory and democratic approach which allows people to participate in the elections. “Potential new elections would need to bring in new faces and new people. Only then may things begin to change,” Josef Weidenholzer said in an interview with the Deutsche Welle. About Bangladesh's situation, Weidenholzer, who along with two other European Members of Parliament...

Parties unwilling to resolve crisis thru' dialogue

A number of European Parliament (EP) members yesterday voiced concern over the escalation of political tension in Bangladesh, saying they do not see any willingness among the major political parties to reach a "compromise" and resolve the crisis through "dialogue". Describing their discussions with stakeholders in Bangladesh, they said they did not see any scope of any compromise and did not even see any window of compromise, according to a video uploaded on the EP website on the discussions. The observations...

Ukraine Crisis

Talks end with no word of a new peace plan

Talks end with no word of a new peace plan

Five hours of talks between European leaders and Russian president Putin have ended without any word of an agreement to resolve the crisis in Ukraine. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francoise Holland arrived in Moscow to discuss a new Ukraine peace plan with Russia. The joint mission from the two European leaders sent...

Ukraine bus stop shelling kills 9

Ukraine bus stop shelling kills 9

At least nine people have been killed by shelling at a bus stop in the rebel-held city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, local authorities say. The victims reportedly included bus passengers and someone in a nearby car. The deaths come after Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany issued a joint call to end fighting in the...

Dr Kamal for national unity to overcome political standoff

Dr Kamal for national unity to overcome political standoff

Observing that the country is now in a ‘deadlock’, Gono Forum President Dr Kamal Hossain today stressed the need for forging a national unity to resolve the political standoff. Addressing a press briefing at his Bailey Road residence in Dhaka, the noted jurist added that the unity is needed for the greater development of...

UN calls for fresh Libya talks to end crisis

The United Nations mission to Libya Wednesday said it will call fresh talks between warring factions in an attempt to end months of violence and political deadlock in the country. UN Special Representative Bernardino Leon will lead the new round of negotiations on December 9, the organisation's Libya mission said in a statement. It did not say where the talks would take place or who would take part. The UN's push for dialogue came as the United States and key allies said...

21 killed as Syrian army bombs northern town

21 killed as Syrian army bombs northern town

At least 21 people were killed and around 100 wounded when Syrian army planes bombed a town in northern Syria that is controlled by Islamic State militants, a group monitoring the war said on Sunday. Syrian military helicopters dropped barrel bombs and warplanes launched air strikes on al-Bab which lies northeast of the city...

Ebola Crisis

US modifies quarantine guidelines after uproar

US health authorities yesterday issued new guidelines for health workers returning from Ebola-hit nations after a firestorm of criticism over state quarantine restrictions, including from the UN chief. The enforced quarantine in New Jersey of a US nurse who had come home after treating patients in Sierra Leone sparked controversy -- and accusations from the woman that her rights had been violated. The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) yesterday urged active monitoring of those at risk following stints...

JCD Reels from Infighting

Crisis not over even after series of talks

The crisis in Chhatra Dal seems to be far from over as senior BNP leaders yesterday failed to convince the aggrieved JCD leaders on its new central committee. In a meeting with rebel JCD leaders, BNP Dhaka city unit Convener Mirza Abbas and Jubo Dal President Moazzem Hossain Alal offered the student leaders posts in the party's front organisations. Rejecting the offer, the JCD leaders demanded scrapping of the new JCD committee and forming a new one comprised of dedicated and...

Cuba leads fight against Ebola

As the official number of Ebola deaths in west Africa's crisis topped 4,000 last week – experts say the actual figure is at least twice as high – the UN issued a stark call to arms. Even to simply slow down the rate of infection, the international humanitarian effort would have to increase massively, warned UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. “We need a 20-fold resource mobilisation,” he said. “We need at least a 20-fold surge in assistance – mobile laboratories, vehicles,...

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