FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2015


  • How Pahela Baishakh came to be (Video)

    Muntasir Mamun, Professor of History at University of Dhaka, and Hashem Sufi, Researcher of History, tell us the facts behind how Bengali New Year celebration on Pahela Baishakh came to be.

  • Nation welcomes Bangla New Year

    Nation welcomes the Bangla New Year 1422 today with its traditional fanfare and festivity.Shedding preceding year’s glooms to oblivion, people from all walks of life celebrates the Pahela Baishakh.

  • Deshghor'er Gaan

    Deshghor'er Gaan at Chhayanaut today

    Chhayanaut, one of the leading cultural schools of the country, is hosting “Deshghor'er Gaan” today, in loving memory of Waheedul Haq – the founder of the school – on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

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