THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2015


  • LBA infograph

    Redressing an aberration

    At long last the last impediment to the implementation of the Land Boundary Agreement and the related Protocols has been removed.

  • Land Boundary Agreement and Bangladesh-India relations

    The people living in the enclaves had no clear identity so far. They enjoyed none of the basic amenities and facilities such as schools, hospitals, etc.

  • At long last

    THE unanimous passage of the Land Boundary Agreement Bill in both the Houses of the Indian Parliament is a historic development.

  • The signing of land boundary agreement: 'Neighbour first' back on track

    THE NDA government's 'neighbour first' policy received further boost in the recent past. From taking a lead in operationalising the rescue plan in Nepal to the passage of the long pending landmark Land Boundary Agreement (LBA), the signature determination of the government's intention to boost India's neighbourhood policy is apparent.

  • India-Bangladesh LBA: The Cake with a Bite

    SOON the Government of India would table the 119th Constitutional Amendment Bill to bring the revised India Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement (LBA) into force.

  • Land Swap Stat

    A truncated deal is unacceptable

    Dropping Assam from the Land Boundary Bill is a regressive decision by India

  • Gold ingot seized in Argentina

    The Argentine authorities say they have arrested two Paraguayan men who tried to cross the border with a 19th Century gold ingot worth more than $2m.

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