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Freedom in the air


Anisuzzaman's Autobiography: Kaal Nirobodhi and Amar Ekattor

Anisuzzaman's Autobiography: Kaal Nirobodhi and Amar Ekattor

Anisuzzaman. [2003] 2008. Kaal Nirobodhi. Dhaka: Shahitya Prokash. I was lucky enough to wind up in Chicago, the same city—“city of big shoulders” (Sandburg)—where Anisuzzaman, my great teacher and mentor, once lived, lectured and celebrated Thanksgiving at a large, quintessentially American, farm in rural Illinois (Geneseo). He hung out with funny guys like Edward Foy, formed lifelong friendships with such luminaries as Edward C Dimock and Ronald Inden, watched all the Hollywood classics that came his way, met Buddhadeva Bose in Bloomington (Indiana), and endured the torture of translating Sudhindranath's air-tight prose...

Secularism, State Religion in Constitution

Parallel existence enigmatic

Pointing out that secularism returned with the reinstatement of the four fundamental principles while Islam remained as the state religion, Prof Emeritus at Dhaka University Anisuzzaman yesterday said it was difficult to understand how both could simultaneously exist in the constitution. Addressing as chief guest a discussion in the capital's Bangla Academy celebrating Bangladesh Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Oikya Parishad's 25th founding anniversary, the eminent educationalist also condemned recent attacks on minority communities, especially Hindus. “The administration sometimes fails to perform its due role...

Anisuzzaman lighthouse for Bangladeshis

Anisuzzaman lighthouse for Bangladeshis

    Prof Emeritus Anisuzzaman is a lighthouse to Bangladeshis who uphold the values of the Liberation War, said speakers at a reception yesterday on the occasion of Anisuzzaman being selected for the Padma Bhushan award of India. Bangladesh Rukhey Darao, a socio-cultural organisation, accorded the reception to the professor at the Liberation War Museum in...


The Pundit's Tale

The Pundit's Tale

Professor Anisuzzaman, has elevated Bangla literature to great heights and grabbed the attention of the world to the beauty of our language through his works. Not only language, his writings on our national identity and educational, religious, historical and social reconstruction are considered as treasure troves by the country's academics. Recently he won the Padma Bhushan 2014, India's third highest civilian honour for his distinguished service of high order in the field of Bangla literature and education. As a child he would watch lawyers in Bengali films wearing neatly pressed long black gowns fighting for justice. Watching the larger than life characters on screen, he aspired to be like them...

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