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Freedom in the air

Angela Merkel

Germany ready to train Sunnis, Kurds to fight IS

Germany ready to train Sunnis, Kurds to fight IS

Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Friday that Germany was ready to help train Sunni Muslim soldiers in Iraq to fight Islamic State insurgents in addition to aid it is already giving to Iraqi Kurdish fighters. Merkel praised Baghdad for appointing a Sunni defence minister alongside Shias and Kurds as part of Prime Minister Haider...

Merkel blasts US spying

Angela Merkel yesterday said that new allegations of US spying showed Berlin and Washington were completely at odds over how they viewed the role of intelligence, and she hoped German action would persuade the United States not to spy on partners. Her comments to German broadcaster ZDF come two days after her government told the CIA station chief in Berlin to leave the country, in a dramatic display of anger after German officials unearthed two suspected spies. On Friday, White House...

Merkel’s 'phone tap' by NSA to be probed

Merkel’s 'phone tap' by NSA to be probed

Germany is to investigate allegations by US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden that the US government bugged Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone. Federal prosecutor Harald Range informed the German parliament's legal affairs committee that an investigation would be held into persons unknown. Merkel has publicly asked for an explanation for the alleged spying by the US National...

West makes diplomatic push on Ukraine crisis

US and Russian top diplomats yesterday held talks on Ukraine as the EU unveiled an aid package worth at least 11 billion euros to support the country's new pro-Western leaders. The talks in Paris to defuse the worst East-West stand-off since the Cold War came as pro-Moscow forces seized part of two missile bases in Ukraine's Crimea peninsula, although all missiles remained in Ukrainian hands. US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russia's Sergei Lavrov were meeting for the first time...

US-Russia talks over Ukraine crisis

US-Russia talks over Ukraine crisis

US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are due to hold crucial talks to try to ease tensions over the Ukraine crisis. The US accuses Moscow of deploying troops in Ukraine's Crimea region, describing it as an "act of aggression" - a claim denied by the Kremlin. Despite the sharp...

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