• Search to find dog with short spine a new home goes viral

    An attempt by an animal shelter in America to find a dog a new home has gone viral. Quasimodo is one of 13 dogs in the world to have short spine syndrome, which is severe shortening of the spine due to compression of the vertebrae.

  • Zika virus is 'spreading explosively'

    WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan said the virus — which has been linked to birth defects and neurological problems — was becoming much more of a threat.

  • Embrace time of 'extraordinary change': Obama

    President Barack Obama told Americans nervous about terror and the changing economy that they should not fear the future, in a farewell State of the Union address that drew sharp contrast with Republicans.

  • What's in a cigarette?

    Over 3,200 Americans under the age of 18 smoke their first cigarette every day, and most of them are unaware of what they are getting into. Many new smokers may not realize how quickly their new habit can lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, lung diseases, and certain types of cancer.

  • Teens think Facebook uncool, but still use it

    American teens think Facebook has definitely lost its cool factor, but use it as much as ever.

  • IS video threatens attack on New York

    The Islamic State releases a new propaganda video threatening attacks on New York City, city officials confirm today.

  • IS defector explains key reason people joining the group

    Despite ISIS's claims of ruling over an Islamic "caliphate" in line with Sharia law, a large number of the group's fighters joined for reasons having little to do with religion, according to a defector from the group.

  • US states say no to Syrian refugees

    More than a dozen US states say Syrian refugees are no longer welcome due to security fears after the Paris attacks.

  • The Assad Dead End

    Forget principles and morality. Forget, or try to forget, the quarter-million deaths for which Bashar al-Assad is responsible, directly or indirectly, since choosing to respond with violence to a peaceful uprising of the Syrian people.

  • Sachin and Shane sell cricket to New Yorkers

    Retired international cricketers will play T20 matches in two teams, Sachin’s Blasters and Warne’s Warriors in various venues across the United States of America.

  • Tigers practice ahead of Zim series

    Members of the Bangladesh cricket team sweated it out during the practice session at Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium at Mirpur ahead of the Zimbabwe series.


    President Obama has to deal with structural hurdles every step of the way - from the Republican-led Congress, to politicians who get financial help from gun lobby groups, to even some liberal politicians who don't want to lose the support of their own voters, the impediments are many.

  • Raul Castro calls for US to lift trade embargo

    Cuban President Raul Castro has told the UN that normal relations with the US will only be possible if America takes a number of measures including the abolition of its trade embargo.

  • Army Ranger uses GoPro to document domestic abuse claim

    An army ranger straps a GoPro to his waist and records footage which proved his claims of domestic violence, reports Fox News.

  • Pope Francis begins tour of the US

    Pope Francis begins his tour of the US, where he is expected to greet millions of American Catholics and address thorny issues like climate change and income inequality.

  • Two dead in plane crash on Tom Cruise's film set

    A plane crash during the shoot of actor Tom Cruise’s upcoming film Mena in Colombia left two people dead and one person seriously injured.

  • Fantastic Friday at US Open

    "Fantastic Friday" at the US Open sees Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer in starring roles.

  • US Army Rangers school to graduate first female recruits

    Two American women have passed the gruelling training programme of the US Army Rangers - one of the military's most elite special operations forces.

  • IS leader Baghdadi 'raped American aid worker'

    Kayla Mueller, who was killed in February while held hostage by Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria, was sexually abused by the group's top leader.

  • Gunman kills two at Louisiana theater

    A lone gunman opens fire inside a crowded movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, on Thursday evening, killing two people and injuring seven others before taking his own life.

  • US beat Japan in Women's World Cup final

    United States win the Women's World Cup for third time with crushing 5-2 victory over Japan.

  • Mugabe 'proposes to Obama' as he mocks US legalisation of gay marriage

    Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe mocks America's decision to legalise gay marriage by vowing to travel to the White House and proposing to Barack Obama.

  • US gay marriage: Reaction to ruling

    Following the US Supreme Court's decision of legalising gay marriages nationwide the reactions in social media has been pouring in from all over the world.

  • Church shootings: Obama condemns 'blight' of racism

    Racism remains "a blight" on society, US President Barack Obama says, in the wake of the killing of nine African-Americans in a South Carolina church.

  • Drones to catch mosquitoes, predict epidemics

    To prevent epidemics, American tech compnay Microsoft is developing autonomous drones that collect mosquitoes to look for early signs of potentially harmful viruses being spread by them.

  • Bangladesh worried over US trade bill

    Bangladesh expresses concern over US trade bill on Trans Pacific Partnership, apprehending that it would lose its competitive edge in American market.

  • Hackers 'hit US military data'

    Hackers with suspected links to China appear to have accessed sensitive data on US intelligence and military personnel, American officials say.

  • US Senate lets NSA spy program lapse

    The legal authority for US spy agencies' collection of Americans' phone records and other data expired at midnight on Sunday after the US Senate failed to pass legislation extending the powers.

  • Suicide attack

    IS claims blast killing four at Saudi mosque

    Islamic State claims responsibility for a bombing that killed four people at a Shi'ite Muslim mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia on Friday.

  • What’s on Laden’s bookshelf revealed

    Laden was fixated on attacking US targets and pressured al Qaeda groups to heal local rivalries and focus on that cause,according to documents the US says were seized in his hideout in Pakistan.

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